I’ve Been Thinking

I was looking at some pictures of myself from Christmas and I noticed that I have this whole new bonus chin.

I don’t like it one bit.

I was thinking that if I grew a goatee or a full beard it would disguise this layer of fat.

Me in a fake beard

It occurs to me that I should be happy that I can’t grow facial hair, but all the same, if I were a man I would stop shaving today. Instead I will let someone else finish the pan of brownies.

Or maybe I’ll just buy a nice scarf.

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  1. That’s funny….I’m always examining what I perceive to be my double chin. :)

  2. Go for the scarf.

  3. I’ve noticed the same thing in my photos. For posed shots, I try to make it disappear. Too bad it is rarely cold enough for a scarf around here.

  4. You know, that beverage you’re consuming in the picture will not shrink the second chin.

  5. Be lucky you only need a scarf around you neck. I think I need a full body scarf.

  6. that would be “your.” Otherwise if you read it aloud, it sounds like I’m calling Sarah a “eunuch.”

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