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  1. Asshole sunglasses. Bwahahahaha! You’re freaking adorable. Also? You need to start doing VO or reading audio books. You have an AMAZING voice.

  2. I believe we call that a “Paris Hilton Moment.”

  3. BAHHAaa. That’s hilarious. But they’re kick ass sunglasses, so it’s ok.

  4. Your voice is making me sleeeeeepy.. soooo relaxing mmmmmm asshole sunglassssssesss… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Why doesn’t that work on the children?

  6. hahahahahaha!!! that is awesome!

  7. maybe it was just your inner asshole trying to break free via sunglasses.

  8. Hey aren’t those mine??!!?!?

  9. Awesome, indeed.

  10. You are finally accepting your Superstar status.

  11. so sophia lauren, award season 2010. maybe they watched the golden globes and SAG awards and thought you were just uber chic? maybe? maybe?

    asshole sunglasses made me spit out my coffee. no joke.

  12. They make you look like you’re hiding booze in your eggplant-colored velour jumpsuit’s jacket.

  13. I think you look totally fly, a little like Sally Jessie Raphael… If only they were red.

  14. Before I played the video, I saw those glasses and immediately thought you had lost your mind.

    After watching the video, I now understand that its true.

  15. I kind of like them. You do too, shut up.

  16. It’s a dangerous job. I know. It makes my heart pound wildly every time I film because I’m so fracking nervous. Maybe I should start wearing asshole sunglasses?
    Hilarious post Sarah, as always!

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