Yeah, you hear me. THE STROM.

Winter Strom?

The Strom!

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  1. In Bossy’s neighborhood, the Strom can’t decide if it’s snow, rain, or sleet. Indecisive strom.

  2. Tom Kierein will NOT be happy about this.

  3. Guess EVERYONE is tired of the storm — even the nbc4 graphics people!

  4. Thurmond’s on his way 😛

  5. Dang. That’s intesne.

  6. Look out! The dead U.S. Senators are coming!

    I love it.

  7. Local traditional media are batting a thousand in your area this week, eh?

  8. Storm Thrumond.

    I know this didn’t happen on Jim and Doreen’s watch.

    I feel worse for this person than the Virginian-Pilot idiots though. I can’t imagine being on day whatever-this-is of coverage. And j-school teachers are right. It doesn’t matter what you get right. It’s the one thing you get wrong. Hence why I am not a working journalist. Too much pressure, man.

  9. Enjoy….. 😉 It started snowing here Monday night and stopped for a while yesterday but now it’s going at it again!

  10. stroms are worse than storms i hear. niceone. shit like this makes me howl.

  11. There is no strom coverage on any other station. Channel 4 scooped everyone. Even the weather channel.

  12. Is a winter Strom worse than a summer Strom?

  13. Is that Kelly Bundy reporting from Chic-a-go?

  14. As Dylan would say, “Come in, she said, I’ll give you, shelter from the strom…”

  15. Oh no! Strom is coming back? I didn’t like him that much the first time around.

  16. I think Dylan actually said, “Come in, she said, I’ll give you shleter from the strom.

  17. You should send that to Fail Blog.

  18. That scares me a little.

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