Reading Teacher of the Year, Right Here

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  1. I’m glad it was Tim’s ass and not Kim’s.

  2. Tim can pass what? Pass the salt? Pass for 18?

  3. –>I’m married to a Tim and sometimes he is an ass. ha!

  4. What, you’re kids don’t know how to read PASS…good luck getting them into college :) Just love your creative tactics. One thing I’ve learned having my kids learning to read spanish and english (immersion school), is english is crock full of exceptions, it’s crazy. So whatever works

  5. Ha Ha Ha

    You gotta do what you gotta do. I’m sure he will never have trouble with a word ending in a-s-s again.

  6. I should write a post about our trip to the St. Louis Zoo and how much my son enjoyed being able to yell out Somali Wild Ass after he read the animal description.

  7. How many times must I tell you?

    Those children are geniuses.

  8. I remember sitting in church with the Baptists, who were not much for swearing or any other kind of sinning, and coming across the word ASS in the Bible. I would have died before I would say that out loud in church!

  9. Well, if it works, why not?

  10. Awesome parenting!

    And if you have not yet heard it, check out Brian Regan’s Hooked on Phonics bit. HILARIOUS!

  11. I’m loving all the snow. 5 posts in 6 days! No offense but I hope you get trapped more often. You are keeping me entertained. I’m sure the Good Squad feels the same way.

  12. finally, i can tell my mother than cursing **is** an educational tool. Also, teaching your kids by threatening them with sleep is also an acceptable tool.

  13. Heh, my Mom WAS my Hooked On Phonics when I was learning to read 40 years ago. Yikes…40 YEARS ago.

  14. Hey, reading is reading. Good job! When I was little, I’d spell the F-word on the fridge with magnets under my older brother’s encouragement. My mom thought it funny and left it up for her friends to see.

  15. I have BOB books that I use to help my pre-schooler read . That is, until i started getting a twitch in my right eye every time she took them out.Uggg torture…Pure torture. Although she did day “DAM I forgot what I was gonna say” the other day. so she is learning something!

  16. LOL!!! I know how you feel. When I read with the kids at school, they do similar things and it CRACKS me up!

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