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  1. I’m the green one.

  2. Obviously.

  3. I knew exactly which one was you. And I’m sorry.

  4. More strom! That sucks!

  5. Ugh. I can’t even imagine.

  6. Today was definitely one of those we’re the same person days, minus the school thing.

    I said “Freeze. Freeze. Go outside and do that.” Please.

  7. Uh…they weren’t going to be closed for the holiday? Do they close for Stalin’s birthday, then? Mao’s?

  8. Woah, SERIOUSLY? How many school days have they gotten off from this snow now?

    I feel like I should send you some of the truffles I made yesterday just so you can get through the day. Also, liquor.

    Good luck!

  9. If it makes you feel better they announced yesterday that we won’t be having school on TUESDAY. My kids haven’t been to school since 2/5 and they sent them home 2 hrs early that day.

  10. holy crap. maybe you should just move to canada. My city (Ottawa) budgeted $67 Million for snow removal this year. Apparently we didnt need it – you are getting all our snow & we have had minimal all year long! We have maybe 1 snow day per schoolyear. I can imagine how bad it must be for school to be closed that long.

    good gawd…

  11. Are there snow days in the schedule or do they have to make it up at the end of the year?

  12. I always wondered what all you parents were complaining about. And then I was in Atlanta and Ali’s kids had a snow day and I was like “I GET IT NOW!”

    So I can’t even imagine what this never-ending streak of snow days is like.

    I should send booze.

  13. Josh’s 4th grade teacher emailed homework assignments so I could print them out and give them to him. Only I misread and thought he had to do 5 worksheets about HORMONES.

    Homophones are what they are studying.

    Homeschool FAIL.

    I am not cut out for this. We turned down an assignment to Minot in North Dakota, the universe has a sick sense of humor.

  14. i think you should move.

    i also think that you should also start mixing pills with your alcohol. tranquilizers, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills . . . maybe not all at once.

    or maybe?

  15. We have another snow day tomorrow. I hear ya!

  16. We didn’t have school here due to President’s Day. A Day that I clearly think they should be in school, maybe learning extra history or something.

    Although with all the snow coming down and the ice school tomorrow is looking a bit suspect.

  17. My father is a recently retired high school english teacher for Ffx County and is just tickled with this whole mess.
    I feel for you. Are your kids going to be in school til July?
    The horror!!!!

  18. Funny part of this story you did not see-the waiter came over to the table while the texting was occurring- Leslie looked up briefly to order another margarita…because we could!

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