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Raising a Liberal in a Red State

The twins were playing with legos and the boy made his lego man a bad guy named Tom. Every time Tom came near Claudia’s lego girl the lego girl would say “Hello, Cutie!” I asked Claudia if she was going to date bad guys. She said “No. I only like to pretend to like bad […]

They Just Keep Getting Weirder

The boy was admiring his new robot dragon pajamas in the full length mirror in my bedroom. IAN: Where are his flappy wings? ME: I don’t know. It doesn’t look like he has any. This robot dragon appears to have arms instead. IAN: All dragons have arms. ME: I don’t think that is true. IAN: […]

Who Likes Winning Free Stuff?

I’m giving away a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus over on my review blog.

Need a Pull?

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my front yard in a gigantic cardboard box. Backstory: yesterday morning we bought a shed. It is the kind that you put together, kind of like Legos for grownups except it requires hammers to assemble and is more utilitarian. It came in two huge boxes. Really big boxes. One […]

Randomness Part 130

1) Breast milk cheese 2) (via: Sparkle Motion) 3) They are remaking “Overboard” with J-Lo.

Support The Arts

I don’t do a lot of fund raising on Sarah and the Goon Squad but this is something that I believe in. Choralis is a first rate community based choir in the Washington D.C Area. Besides being kind enough to let me in, they also provide scholarships to 12 students each year. Gretchen Kuhrmann is […]

The Glamorous Life

Ian said “Mama, will you please come cuddle with me?” And then he threw up all over the couch.

I Googled You

“I have to tell you” she said. “I googled you and I found your blog.” If you want to know what stops my heart it is a mom in Ian’s class telling me that she read my blog. I don’t keep it a secret. I am not anonymous. I am mostly pretty proud of my […]

Just When I Thought I Was Out

I’ve been trying to quit Tae Kwon Do for about a month now. I signed up for Tae Kwon Do back in December. I was taking with my kids and it was fun… ish, but then it turned out that even though I was in a class with my kids we were learning different things. […]

The Nuts Talk

I was driving my five year old twins and my nine year old neighbor to Tae Kwon Do today. They were talking about “Jackmania” which is the imaginary kingdom of next door so I was pretty much ignoring them when the conversation took a turn that made my ears perk up. “Hey Ian!” said the […]

Questions For You: TV

1) What is/was your favorite sitcom ever? 2) What is/was your favorite reality show ever? 3) Favorite drama? 4) Favorite made for tv movie? 5) What is your favorite music video of all time? *

The Devil Wears a Green Sash

With three minutes to go in the third period of the Olympic gold medal men’s hockey game between Canada and the U.S.A. yesterday my doorbell rang. The game was 2 – 1 Canada at the time and it was so exciting that my husband and I were actually both standing in front of the television. […]