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I don’t do a lot of fund raising on Sarah and the Goon Squad but this is something that I believe in.Picture 25

Choralis is a first rate community based choir in the Washington D.C Area. Besides being kind enough to let me in, they also provide scholarships to 12 students each year. Gretchen Kuhrmann is an amazing director and I suggest you come see us perform if you are in the area.

Of course if you can’t I understand.

But, I promised these people I would raise $100. Running a choir isn’t cheap, providing scholarship is expensive.

I figured that if I could get each of you to give $1 (or $5 if you are loaded or really into choral music) we could probably raise $100.

I know things are tight, and I know we aren’t curing cancer, but I figured you guys could all spare a dollar for a noble cause.

The paypal button below will let you donate directly to Choralis leaving out the middle man. If you feel more comfortable going through me, my e-mail address is goonsquadsarah at gmail dot com and I can get the money to the choir.

Thanks, and don’t worry. I’ll be back to talking about vomit and underpants tomorrow.

Oh, and I doubt that they would think it is funny, but you should know that every time I think Choralis in my head I think “Try Choralis.”

If you don’t donate here, please donate to Save the Music, or the NEA or something that will keep music education in schools. Life isn’t nearly as good without music.

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  1. Makes me think of those old croaky “Lavoris” commercials. I’ll donate anyway.

  2. Done. Even though I haven’t touched my bass in several years, I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without public school music (orchestra, choir, musicals, jazz band), youth orchestra, and the rest.

  3. Also Donated – If it’s important enough for you to ask, then it’s important enough to donate. I’m glad your so happy there. x

  4. Happy to do it. I went to one of those Fame style artsy high schools, and it basically kept me from getting beat up every single day. Seriously, high school SO would have sucked without the arts!!! I think it is so cool that you do this!

  5. stephanie says:

    I really hope the arts stay in schools, kids need a forum to express their talents that may be unknown with them.

    So glad you have found a forum to express your talents! Thanks for the entertainment.

  6. $5 was easy enough, and not nearly adequate compensation for all the laughs you’ve provided over the years.

    Besides, if I didn’t donate, our little rock star would never forgive me…and he’ll come to any concert of yours, as long as you sing Rock & Roll All Night.

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