The Anna Nicole Smith Underwear Yard Sale Now on eBay!

I think I am just going to start a series of posts that I write for MamaPop before realizing that someone else already covered the subject. In this particular case, since I spent an hour looking for pictures of Anna Nicole Smith’s underwear I can’t just hit delete. Please enjoy:

Do you guys remember a long time ago when I told you that Larry Birkhead bought $2800 of Anna Nicole Smith’s lingerie after she died so that their daughter, Dannielynn, would have something to remember her mother by?

Remember, you were sad because you were hoping that you too could own some of a dead woman’s underthings?

What? You weren’t sad? Well, let’s pretend for a second that you were sad because deep down inside you really wanted nothing more than a used 38D white nylon bra that was worn by none other than Anna Nicole Smith.

I have fantastic news for you!

Anna Nicole Smith's used bra white nylon 38D

Right now on eBay the bid is only up to $39.99!
It is a deal, it is a steal, it is the sale of the fucking century!

This next bra comes with a hat.

Anna Nicole Smith's used bra and pink baseball cap

And this super classy picture looks like it was taken in somebody’s yard.

That somebody most likely being Anna Nicole Smith’s “best friend” and ex-boyfriend’s sister, Jackie Hatten. I don’t mean to be all judgy but none of my ex-boyfriend’s siblings have collections of my bras or panties.

I hope.

Although that could explain where some of my socks have gone. CHERYL.

The disappointing news is that all of the panties have been removed by eBay who actually had the good taste to take down the items for being unhygienic. The good news is that you still have six days and 18 hours to bid on Anna Nicole Smith’s sports bra.

Anna Nicole Smith's sports bra

Also up for auction: Anna Nicole’s garter belts, sunglasses, powder brush, nail polish, earrings, or my personal favorite, an owned and worn flag bandana.

Picture 6

A perfect gift for the person that has everything already – because I don’t care who you are, you probably don’t already own that.

What is this world coming to that we auction off dead celebrities drawers on the internet, and which is more offensive, the loved ones who want to profit off of their famous dead loved ones or the people who buy Anna Nicole Smith’s used g-strings?


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  1. That’s outrageous! There’s no way Anna Nicole ever fit into a 38D!

  2. I agree! Totally outrageous!! Anna Nicole never wore underwear!!

  3. Maybe the bras were the pre-puberty ones….

  4. I wonder how much I could get for my big-girl cotton underpants?

  5. Sports bra? That’s what sticks out, because everything else is weird, but believable. A sports bra, however, on Anna Nicole Smith, that’s science fiction.

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