7 Ways That Mommyblogging Has Changed My Life

1) I complimented my son on his cute belly and he told me not to write a blog post about it.

2) When I get a UPS or FedEx delivery the other kids in the neighborhood come over to see if it is a video game.Sarah and the Goon Squad - word-press-blog

3) The other day I left a comment on my friend’s blog suggesting that she call me to talk about administering suppositories to children – literally shoving things up kids’ butts. If I weren’t a mother of young children I would probably go to prison for that sort of behavior.

4) I have very close friends that I tend to think of by their twitter name.

5) I no longer think it is strange when I get things in the mail from Yahoo!

6) Most of the moms in Ian’s class know about the time my underpants fell down in Tae Kwon Do.

7) I just asked my husband “If I am writing ‘kids butts’ where to I put the apostrophe?” and he didn’t even ask me why I wanted to know.

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  1. I referred to you, on video, as @goonsquadsarah.

  2. Oh that is too funny. My kids don’t get it yet…so I’m safe for a while!

  3. Brilliant reasons, indeed.

  4. I introduced someone by their twitterID today. And I spend time thinking about how to hashtag actual speech.

  5. um, I just sat mesmerized by your header for like, 2 minutes. it made me forget what brilliance I was going to fling at you.

  6. It’s so nice to know what a deep and meaningful impact mommyblogging has had on your live, I’m verklempt (plus a bit tipsy so had trouble typing that word)…

  7. HA! Word.

  8. Catch the Kids says:

    I’d love to hear a few more…

  9. If people expect me to call them by their real names instead of their twitter names, well, they should have made their twitter name their real name. I can remember a max of one name per person. The end.

  10. Seriously where do you put that apostrophe. I never can get it right.

  11. OK, I FINALLY went and read the underpants story, after ignoring the links to it in other posts for so long (don’t have time to get stuck in blog wormholes!). I did it mainly in hopes that it would give me a laugh, because I could sure use one. Thanks for coming through for me! My smile muscles are now sore, and I’m now more afraid I’m going to bust out laughing randomly today than that I’ll burst into tears.

  12. Also? I’m glad I picked a Twitter name that people were already calling me in real life, so it doesn’t sound as strange. And fwiw, whenever I refer to you in conversation with my husband, it comes out as “Sarah… Goon Squad Sarah” because I can see on his face that ‘Sarah’ doesn’t ring a bell on its own. Sometimes he supplies the ‘Goon Squad Sarah’ part. :-)

  13. I love number four. I do that too.

  14. Eavesdropping on mommy discussions would most likely send all of us to the clink!

    And yeah, I spend an inordinate amount of time on the apostrophe question. I’m so glad that no one can hear the recitation of grammar rules going on in my head every time I put pen to paper, or, fingers to keyboard. It’s a tough life being a grammar/spelling nazi….

  15. You + good squad = who you are.

  16. i’m so glad you blog. sigh…

  17. It seeps into everything, doesn’t it? There are similar things going on over at my house too.

    Also, now I have the suppositories under control, but I’m afraid I may have to administer an enema sometime this week. Wanna help? We could live blog it.

  18. Ha! Tonight Ironman & I *found* Yell’s butt. And she said, “Mom, don’t you DARE blog about this!!” Good to know I’m not the only one getting called out by my kids.

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