My New Facebook Friend, Chs Ninetyone

I just got a facebook friend request from Chs Ninetyone.

What kind of name is Chs? I thought? Was Chris typing really fast?

Then I said his last name out loud.

“Ninety One.”

Like Nineteen Ninety-One.

The year I graduated from high school.

Oh. Not Chs. C.H.S.

Holy crap. They must be preparing for my twenty year reunion.

How the hell have almost twenty years passed since I graduated from high school? I’m still young-ish. I still get I.D.ed occasionally. Twenty year reunion. That just seems surreal.

I suppose I am okay with it. I have done a lot in the last nineteen years, but somehow this snuck up on me. I guess I just thought I would be much older than this when my 20th reunion rolled around.


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  1. smart aleck says:

    I am soooo with you, sista friend….I did the math the other day myself and almost fell off of my chair.

  2. I also graduated in ’91 and had not done the math. So thank you for the painful reminder.

    (Given that I just celebrated my 15th college reunion I had to have been in serious denial to have not recognized this.)

  3. My 20th reunion just passed, and I was sure that I’d be a lot older, too.

  4. Mine was Sta Ninetyone. I think, when it comes to reunions, 20 is the new 40. There’s no way I’m that old. No way.

  5. Most of my close friends are 32 or younger, so I tend to forget that I’m 5 years older than that. Many of them just had their 10 year reunions within the last year or two. It’s depressing to think 20 is almost upon me. When I was younger, the people on t.v. who went to their 20 year reunions always looked so old.

  6. Mine is closer than I’d like to think about.

  7. I just hyperventilated.

  8. My 20 year is in 2 weeks. When I mentioned that to my mom, she said something along the lines of, “Shit, I’m old…”

    Most days I still think of myself as an 18 year old girl…clearly, I’m delusional.

  9. sherpamama says:

    Want scary? I just skipped the CHS “90 reunion but the pictures are on FB – OUCH! If you go – dress to kill cuz there were several Chief-ettes in formal dresses in our school colors!! I’m actually going to my other hs reunion this weekend in Western Mass (I only went to Chamberlain for jr & sr year) and I am freaked out! Good luck…
    PS from the pictures – none of “our crowd” went – only the cheerleader types…

  10. I skipped my 20 year reunion. At least you have something to boast at your reunion.

  11. My 25th is in November.

    I went to the 20th 5 years ago.

    Five years went by fast. Too fast.

  12. This year marks 40 years since I graduated from high school. So far, no sign of a reunion. I think we’re all too tired to organize one.

  13. My 25th is next year. I’m not that old, (I can’t be. I refuse to believe it. And you can’t make me.) so I don’t know why they feel the need to invite me to attend. I skipped my 20th, and when I saw some of the pictures taken from that night, I coulda kicked myself for not going…. Not so sure I’ll be brave enough to go next year.

  14. Speaking of elderly issues, such as senility, I read this and went “Huh, I wonder how many more years until MY 20-year reunion!” and “That’s funny, I pictured Sarah being younger than me, but I guess she’s older.” So I started to do the math—which was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, since I TOO graduated in ’91. Dur.

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