Non Sequitur

The funniest joke I heard all day as told by my four year old neighbor, Todd:

(Laurie and Suebob should stop reading now)chicken-crossing-road

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Diarrhea.

I turned my head as his mother scolded him for that kind of talk at the table because I was laughing and I didn’t want to encourage his behavior. His second joke was “Why did the diarrhea cross the road?”*  Then he said – and he said it really loud and we were in a restaurant – “WHAT? YOU DON’T LIKE DIARRHEA?”

I had to hide behind my child so that Todd couldn’t see that I was laughing so hard I was shaking.

I know it is inappropriate lunch conversation. I know that I am a parent and a grown up and it takes a village and I should be throwing him stern glances as his own mother tries to raise him right, but dammit, diarrhea is funny.

Especially when it crosses the road.

* He never gave an answer. I think that one was rhetorical.

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  1. Eh, he wasn’t your kid, so it’s okay to laugh. Am convinced of that.

  2. Because it was chasing the chicken!

  3. “What? You don’t like diarrhea?” is pretty much the best response to a public shushing I have ever seen.

  4. autumnalyssa says:

    eh. My nephew was recently put in a (long) time-out for putting on a play that involved the word “butt” for my 5 year old twins. As I said at the time, if I put my kids in a time out every time they were talking about butts, we wouldn’t be talking at all!

  5. My sense of humor must have stalled out in first grade and stopped evolving, because that joke is AWESOME.

  6. This is all kinds of awesome. And I’m so juvenile I’ll probably tell them to my nephew. Just don’t tell my sister.

  7. Priceless! I wish I had your life!

  8. Duh. The diarrhea crossed the road — quickly — because it had the runs.

  9. how did his mom keep from laughing?!

  10. Thanks for the laugh!! I, too, am going to share it with my 5 yr old nephew. :)

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