Sometimes You Don’t Want to Know the Backstory

There are times you run across a scene in your home and you don’t even want to know what led up to it.


This was definitely one of those times.

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  1. Have you ever read “A Real Doll” from A.M. Homes’ short story collection ‘Safety of Objects’? A girl’s brother starts dating Barbie. I consider it a must read for any girl who grew up playing with Barbies.

  2. Why does that one barbie have clear legs? Are those stripper legs??? wtf??

  3. Yes, I want to know about the clear parts too. Bionics?

    You reminded me of those years when my brother used to amuse himself by leaving our dollhouse dolls in compromising positions when we weren’t looking.

    That miniature kitchen table saw a lot of action.

  4. I think she is a secret robot.

  5. For what it’s worth, I think it must be the equinox and full moon combo, because my daughter (will be 5 at the end of Nov.) came to me today with three naked barbies stuck in the front of her robe.

    When I asked her what had happened, she said, “You don’t want to know.”

    I left it at that.

  6. There’s no nekkid Ken hanging out. I think you are good.

  7. I’m more concerned about those thighs that appear to have goldfish in them.

  8. Is it just me, or does mr. polar bear have kind of a smug look on his face?

  9. I once found my daughter’s Barbies face down, in a circle (heads touching) like they had died in some Jim Jones People’s Temple suicide pact. Very disturbing.

  10. I was wondering about the see through barbie as well.

  11. I can tell you exactly what happened here. Barbie, Skipper and Ashley were having a slumber party at the sorority house. Barbie was combing Skipper’s hair, and mentioned that Skipper smelled soooo nice. Ashley agreed, and then mentioned how’d she always admired Barbie’s nice figure. And then they had a playful pillow fight.

    And somehow all their clothes flew off!

    I’m right, right?

  12. Explain, please, what is up with Bionic Barbie.

    I cannot get that image out of my head.

  13. smart aleck says:

    Components…bear skin rug, 4 naked blondes, and no Ken in sight.

    This means they all got tired of the “Ken is more into Ben than Barbie” rumors…simultaneously threw themselves at him to test the theory and he ran, screaming like a little girl.
    (although it sounds like if a Pirate was around they would have been okay).

    They are just having one of those days when no matter WHAT they try on in the closet, it turns out that they don’t have ANYTHING to wear.

  14. Apryl's Antics says:

    My Mom questioned me once about Barbie and Ken’s sleeping habits, after finding them in missionary position. Secretly, though, she was having an affair with my friend’s brother’s Mr. Spock.

    I really do need to know what is up with Fishtank Barbie.

  15. Barbie wants to be naked. All children know this.

  16. Toquegirl – this is the first thing (well, almost) that I noticed when I saw this photo! Well, any big furry bear would be smitten to such a sight.

  17. Is the one on the far right getting sick? Plain and simple those girls look like they have been up to no good. Or a hot tub party. Either or.

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