6 Things That Should Be More Difficult to Do


1) Forgetting to actually put the lunch you packed into your backpack.

2) Naming a child something ridiculous.

3) Hurting someone you love.

4) Volunteering for a really hard job at your kid’s school.

5) Locking yourself out of your house.

6) Replying all.


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  1. putting your kids clothes on backwards–I have a love hate relationship with taglass shirts

    losing your car keys in your briefcase

  2. Oh yes on the reply all. Yikes. And on number 3. Should be very hard.

    In Sweden or Switzerland, maybe Germany…okay this would have sounded better if I remembered where…anyway, they do not let you name your child things like Instector Pilot. They just won’t let you put it on the birth certificate, so parents are forced to come up with something different.

  3. Oh man, Reply All, YES! I once got into a fight with a friend because I told her that her asshole friend needs to stop replying to all. She didn’t much care for that.

  4. Reply all was created by the devil. I’m convinced of it.

  5. On behalf of my daughter, Princess Moonbeam Anathema PilotInspektor Jones, I am offended by #2.

  6. I use gmail and they have a “lab” that allows a 10 second delay on all emails sent… I’ve done the reply all one too many times and now use my delay on every email I send…it’s saved me more times than I care to admit. :-)

  7. I feel like I am developmentally deficient, as these are all amazingly difficult for me…:p

  8. Reply all may cause me to unfriend a friend. It pisses me off that much.

  9. #6 has me punching myself in the face right now.

  10. fucking reply all. you’ve got me all angry about this.

  11. Love this…

  12. Or how about when your work email is set up so that when someone forwards you an email and you hit “reply” it replies to the ORIGINAL sender. Yep, I’ve done that a couple of times.

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