Questions For You – Come On Get Happy

Ugh. Some of these Days of Truth are brutal. Let’s lighten the mood a bit.

1) Caption this Photo:

Goon Squad Construction Site

2) What song always makes you happy?

3) Name a movie that you admit is really stupid, but it makes you laugh anyway.

4) Who do you think will win the World Series?

4b) Do you care?

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  1. 1) no caption because I suck at writing

    2) I am an atheist but for some reason, I can’t help but sing out loud every time I hear Spirit in the Sky.

    3) ALL of the Jackass movies. My husband and I are planning to go to Jackass 3D next weekend for our anniversary. I crack up watching old episodes even though I know what will happen.

    4) Don’t give a crap about the world series. But there is a reason.

    I went to college in LA (Caltech) then moved to SF ($$$). My job had me work in Chicago for a summer and I could not believe how cheap rent was compared to SF. A friend was moving and offered me their apartment… so cheap. It was ONE BLOCK north of Wrigley field.

    Since you are a sports fan, I’m sure you know how many home baseball games a team has. Too many. And every single game, there were drunken idiots outside my window until 2AM. EVERY GAME. Weekend wins, it was often 6AM.

    And wouldn’t you know it, that year they made a bid for the playoffs. Not only did I have to suffer through regular season, I had to suffer through post season. I could actually sit in my apartment and hear everything louder than if I had the tv on.

    I saw the following FROM MY WINDOW that year:
    * approximately 5392739 incidents of public urination
    * hookers and scalpers getting busted
    * Sammy Sosa in a convertible with Ron Jeremy
    * approximately 5392739 drunken public hookups
    * countless frat guys screaming “CUBS FUCKING RULE”

    It pretty much ruined professional baseball for me.

  2. 1)Handy Manny Going Rogue
    2)The Verve’s Lucky Man
    3)Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
    4)The Giants? The Redskins? The Chiefs?
    4b) Guess.

  3. Lumpyhead's Mom's friend Sarah says:

    1) Bob finally can’t take Wendy’s cheerful attitude anymore.

    2) Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” (it was my roommates’ and my pysch song in college, for some bizarre reason)

    3) I’m a fan of pratfalls but not really of stupid movies, so this isn’t my strong suit.

    4) Giants.
    4b) No, unless it’s the Red Sox (but I gather we’re done with that for my lifetime) or the Nationals (which may never happen).

  4. 1. Hold still; I’ve got an idea…
    2. Black-Eyed Peas “I gotta feelin'”
    3. Airplane. LOVE. IT.
    4. Giants.
    4b. Nah.

  5. 1) What? Mom said you need an attitude adjustment.
    2)”Some Fantastic” Bare Naked Ladies
    3) Romey and Michelle’s High School Reunion (discover me ramon, just discover me.)
    4) Rangers? I guess? Mostly because of Andy Borowitz comment: The Texas Rangers are living proof that once George W. Bush goes away, things can get better.
    4b) Since the Yankees lost, I consider this years World Series a complete WIN.

  6. 1) Her: Maybe I should have taken the glasses off before you tried to fix the hinge.
    Him: Hang on, I almost got it.

    2)”What Makes You Happy” by Liz Phair

    3)Robin Hood: Men in Tights

    4)Giants. I don’t know why.
    4a) No. I’m a Royals fan. The World Series is dead to me.

  7. 1) Bubble above girls head: He has no idea this is his last night on earth.

    2) Michael Franti: Say Hey

    3) Half Baked

    4) Who’s in the series?

    4b) um. no. I would pretend to care if the cubs were in it, for the hubs.

  8. 1) caption: “Smile, or I’ll shoot.”

    2) What song always makes you happy? Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses.

    3) Name a movie that you admit is really stupid, but it makes you laugh anyway. I’m not sure I’ve seen a movie since 1999.

    4) Who do you think will win the World Series? Think? I’m not sure, but I’d like to see the Rangers win. Why? I’m just not so much a Giants fan.

    4b) Do you care? Not really.

  9. I love the 30 day posts…but I agree they are hard. It may take me till next summer to finish them, the way I’m going.

    1. Brother for sale.

    2. James Taylor, That’s why I’m here. Tons of others do too, but that one has made me happy for years and years.

    3. Dazed and Confused. Oh and Empire Records. They tie for my title of favorite dumb movie.

    4. Giants. 4.b. Um…sorta? My mom’s family are all in Texas and it’s a big deal to them. My best friend is a huge Giants fan, as is her husband and I feel like I should care. But do I really? Nah.

  10. 1. Can he annoy her? YES HE CAN!
    2. Poker Face but mostly because of the way my 5 year old sings it. (“Carries my, carries my, he carries my poker face!”)
    3. Not Another Teen Movie
    4. Yankees
    4b. no

  11. smart aleck says:

    1) Fuck this, I’m going home

    2)”I Wanna Be Sedated” The Ramones

    3) Hangover (I laugh aloud just thinking of the trunk scene) or most of Adam Sandler’s funny movies (I hate when he tries to get serious). Loved Grown-Ups, loved Chuck and Larry; Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are classics.
    I just love 13 yr old boy stupid comedy humor.

    4) I don’t know
    4b) I’m just happy when it’s not the Yankees–I’m a Rangers and Giants fan in other sports…I think I’m going to have to pull for San Fran because I still hate Dubya and therefore the Rangers by association.

  12. 1. ‘Hi, I’m Bob and I’m here to FIX YOUR FACE.’
    2. ‘We’re the Monkees’ by the Monkees. It reminds of their show, which was certifiably hilarious even in reruns and endlessly entertaining to me growing up.
    3. Top Secret.
    4. Texas. I think the bullpens are equally strong, but Texas has more hitting talent.
    4b. A little, but only because I’m a baseball fan, in general. The ultimate loss of either team won’t send me running to my room where I’ll fling myself dramatically onto my bed to sob. I’ll save that for if the Browns don’t make it to .500 again this year.

  13. 1) So, whaddya say, punk, do you feel lucky?

    2) Luck Be a Lady from Guys and Dolls

    3) Can’t think of any. I am so damn amiable, I think almost all movies are great. And if it is bad enough that even I don’t think it is great, I don’t like it.

    4) I didn’t know who was playing until last night, so I feel unqualified to answer.

    4b) No (note: I feel sympathy in advance for the previous poster, as the Browns seem unlikely to make it anywhere near .500 this year)

  14. 1. You know the drill.
    2. Walking on Sunshine
    3. Borat
    4. Giants
    5. Heck no. But I hate all teams from Texas just as a rule, so Los Gigantes it is.

  15. 1. I wish he’d just put me out of my misery already
    2.say hey (I love you)
    3.Space Balls
    5.not anymore since the braves screwed themselves out of it.

  16. 1) Caption this Photo: go for it. the lobotomy will save me from you, dude.

    2) What song always makes you happy? glenn gould playing the goldberg variations

    3) Name a movie that you admit is really stupid, but it makes you laugh anyway. drop dead fred

    4) Who do you think will win the World Series? it’s over

    4b) Do you care? i didn’t care since the cards were out

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