I Voted

I voted today.

I vote in almost every election and I am proud and honored to do so. I love being a part of the political process.

Sarah Voted

But mostly I am just pleased that I will stop getting phone calls from recorded messages five times a day. Those really piss me off – especially when they call after my kids go to bed.

* * *

Speaking of voting, do you guys actually have any interest at all in me finishing the 30 days of truth?

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  1. We’ve been averaging 7 calls a day from machines & volunteers. UGH.

  2. I think you should write about whatever you want. Thirty days of metal truth. Etc.

  3. I am enjoying your 30 days of truth posts, and they always make me pause and consider how I would answer. That being said, I’ll continue to read whatever you post because you are simply fabulous.

  4. YES! If I have to do it, you have to do it. Oh wait…um. 😉

    I think maybe you need to remember that you don’t have to do them all right now. Do them as you want too. There’s no expiration date on it, you know?

    I’ve voted since I turned 18. I love it. I also love when they stop showing dam ads that totally froze on my DVR last night and ate How I Met Your Mother. Serious. 30 minutes of the show talking, but all I could see was that one lame ad.

  5. Hell yeah I do! I’ve been thinking of doing it myself, but, well, umm….ah, I got nothin.

  6. I voted too!

    Yes please. Keep on with the 30 days.

  7. Yes, keep with it, dammit. Solidarity n shit. Also, don’t pussy out.

  8. I’ve enjoyed reading the 30-days prompts, but only keep doing them if you find them interesting or worthwhile. Otherwise it’s just another chore. And lord knows we don’t need any more of those.

  9. YES. I do. 😀

  10. Why don’t you just do the 30 day things you like?

  11. We stopped answering our home phone two weeks ago. Those damn calls were driving us crazy.

    I say you start a new series: “30 Days of Outrageous Lies” next. It’ll be awesome.

  12. You know, that is why they call you, because you are a “perfect voter.” I was telling my husband that the annoying phone calls were almost enough to stop me from voting, just so we could cut down on the robo calls next election.

  13. Yes keep up the 30. I haven’t the guts to do it myself – so I’m reading yours instead:)

  14. I like your 30 days, but only if you like writing them!

  15. Yes I voted.

    Yes I’m sick of the robo-calls.

    Yes on the 30 days.

  16. agreed on the calls.

    yes, finish, but if you stretch it out like I am you could have prompts for months to come!

  17. You better do it. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

  18. I liked that you and Jodi were posting the same prompt on the same day, was fun seeing the contrast

  19. smart aleck says:

    I love the 30 day prompts, but I can see where some are harder emotionally to write than others are.

    That being said, we are not the boss of you, so pick the ones you want to do, skip the ones you don’t, whatever.
    I just don’t want you to resent us for making you do it–you might want to spend all of your time over at DraftDaySuit, Sarah Reviews and Hot Metal Sheet if we give you an ultimatum. Then where would we be?
    (answer…reading your posts over there)

    So, don’t pander to us, continue to be your own woman and we’ll still respect you.

  20. Maybe try writing all 30 days of the truth posts but only posting the ones you want to. Save some of them just for you.

  21. Yes, because then I will be inspired to finish them too.

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