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  1. I love saying “suck my dick”

    I’m a female. The way it throws people off sometimes amuses me.

    Other faves:
    Did you bring your vagina today?

  2. smart aleck says:

    I forgot…
    I also say Jesus Fucking Christ. A lot.
    Lovely, ladylike phrase.

  3. I say “Holy Snap” a LOT. Also “Sugar”.

    Seriously, I SAY that crap, and I have no idea why.

    I am also a big fan of “fuck” and “cocksucker”.

    So it is very possible (probable) to hear me say, “Holy snap he’s a cocksucker.”

    I have many levels. Embrace them all.

  4. Oh, and also? I am not afraid of the word cunt. Sometimes there is just no better word.

  5. Batshit Crazy, Shit Disturber and go suck green donkey dick are probably my top three.

    Fuckface is also a popular choice.

  6. All of them. I curse like a sailor, though never in print.

    I think I need that t-shirt for my boss…who is a potty mouth.

  7. So my brother-in-law has the fun hobby of finding one “curse” word to join with a normal word in order to make creative curses that really make a difference. (Doesn’t it sound like a non-profit organization when you put it that way?)

    Anyway, my favorite so far?

    Penis Anchor.

    Feel free to use at will.

  8. Fucksmuggler.

    Don’t ask me how I came up with it. I don’t want to go there again.

  9. Motherfucker. I love it. I say it way too much in front of the kids. As well as fuck.
    Son of a bitch.
    Fuck Trophy. That’s a special one though for people who put so much emphasis on the ability to have kids. As in,”It’s just a fuck trophy.” As said by my friends who will never have kids.

    Not really a swear but I love to respond to people with, “So’s your face!”

    I second what Kim said. My Dad told me I had a mouth worse than a shipyard worker. I was 14.

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