My Daughter’s Keeper

I had been feeling guilty about it for weeks.

She is my daughter’s first grade teacher.

So this morning I when I was at the school I went into Claudia’s classroom and I was just as honest as possible. I said to her teacher “I am sorry I ousted you as the mayor of this place on Foursquare.”

She raised one eyebrow at me “That was you?”

Well, crap. If she didn’t know I was that Sarah B. I should have never said anything.

“Is this going to affect on Claudia’s grades?” I asked her.

“That reminds me…” she said “I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”

Now how me ousting her as the mayor of our elementary school could have possibly reminded her of anything I could not imagine. But somehow it reminded her that she had been meaning to tell me that my daughter wasn’t wearing any pants at school on Wednesday.

You see, Claudia likes to wear leggings everyday. She says jeans are too tight in the knees, so she has developed her own style where every single day she wears leggings and a tunic or a shirt, tights and a skirt.

On Wednesday she just wore tights and a shirt.

I will defend myself by saying it has been an extraordinarily busy week. My boss was staying with us, we had meetings every day, there have been holiday parties, the weather changed drastically and we just got back from a long vacation. Things are hectic. So on Wednesday morning I was so focused on telling my six year old that she needed to wear long sleeves when it was sixteen degrees even if she was wearing a coat to the bus stop, I’m not sure I had it in me to go for the difference between tights and leggings argument.

I am also not sure I noticed until after she got home from school.

Nonetheless, her teacher noticed when another administrator asked her if Claudia was wearing pants.

Thankfully, my school didn’t send her home.

Or have her arrested.

I’m not sure my story has a moral, or even a resolution. I still don’t even know if it is cool to oust someone who can control which college my child attends from foursquare. What I do know is that my daughter did not wear pants to school one day this week and that she has a very good, very kind, low drama kind of teacher and for that I am grateful.

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  1. My daughter did that recently, too, but it was the day after thanksgiving. My husband came with my kids to my work and the first thing I asked was what she was wearing. DH says that he thinks she has a dress on under her coat. Um, no, that would be a long shirt….just not THAT long!!!

  2. OMG, I can relate. I recently wore what I was SURE was a shirt dress (collar, buttons, belt) to work. I did not wear leggings as it was summer but I did wear flats. I realized when I got to my office that indeed, I was wearing a shirt and shoes to work. Pantsless: it happens. Curious, why foursquare and not Gowalla?

  3. what the fuck is the difference between tights and leggings?

  4. Damn…. So funny. My daughter hates pants and will only agree to wear leggings so long as she can “put them on after breakfast.” She’s three. The fit she threw this morning when I insisted on pants (no leggings available), I cannot begin to express. LOLz.

  5. Ha! I’ve seen grown women wearing worse.

    I’m just going to take this opportunity to remind women that too many of those leggings are not as opaque as you think.

    Make sure your top covers your rear end. I should not be able to tell what kind of underwear you have on….

  6. Wait, I thought that was the latest fashion trend? She’s just cutting edge. 😉

  7. At least she’s 6. She could be doing that at 14. *shudder*

  8. Well, I let mine dress herself without checking to see if she had on any underwear. That happened to be the day when she had an ‘accident’ and her teacher helped her get changed.

    Spot checks are good things.

  9. I once got a call from the school asking if I could bring my daughter some different clothes. She’d worn shorts and flip flops to school. (She’d run out the door and shouted good-bye as I was somewhere else in the house. She was five and walked with her brother and sister. Apparently, they didn’t notice anything wrong.) Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal but there were about seven inches of snow on the ground and she walked to school.

    At least she wore a coat.

  10. As a former teacher, I know that could have been so much worse! Even though tights are a little more sheer than leggings, at least she was completely covered down below!

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