I Still Might Be That Guy. I Haven’t Decided Yet.

I was going to write a really short post. It was going to say simply “Gabe says that you can’t wear a concert shirt to a show where that same band is playing. Discuss.”

But things are never that simple.

First of all, I called Gabe at work to ask him if I could tell the internet that he thinks you can’t wear the shirt of the band you are going to see to that show. First he said yes, then he said “And it isn’t just me! Everybody knows you can’t wear the shirt of the band to the show!” And in the background I hear his co-worker, and apparently hype-man, yell “DON’T BE THAT GUY!”

The thing is, Laurie and I are going to see Bon Jovi this coming Sunday.  I got to thinking – I still have my Slippery When Wet jersey from February of 1987, and when I say jersey I mean jersey. It is white with black three-quarter sleeves. I would show you a picture of me wearing it, but my iPhoto is still broken.

Bon Jovi Concert Shirt Jersey Black Sleeves
Mine is like this but even more rad.

Anyway, because I needed backup I asked twitter:  If I go see Bon Jovi and wear my “Slippery When Wet” shirt from 1998 does it make me a total loser or am I keeping it real?

And then TwoBusy said “Yes” which I kind of figured and then Laurie said:

Which is kind of good point, because you know what? It isn’t 1987. It is 2011 and I no longer have to drink in parking lots (I’m not saying I don’t do that, I am saying I don’t have to do that. Now they let me drink in bars.) and since I make more than $2 babysitting, I can afford real wine, I don’t have to mix my mom’s jug wine with orange juice and pretend it is a wine cooler.

Hi Mom. Hi Jill!

But back to this who t-shirt business.

Then Gabe sent me this with the subject “1:50 Mark”.

I hate it when he is right.

Or rightish.

Is he right? Is the PCU trailer  even a valid argument? What should I wear on Sunday?

And don’t say those jeans that have leather lace ups in the back because I threw those away like four years ago.

This should help you make an informed decision.

I guess I could just wear my Cinderella shirt.

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  1. Personally I think that you could wear it. It’s an older shirt. So…yeah. I’d wear it.

    Then again, at this point I’m not sure I care if I’m cool. So if you do…

  2. Bon Jovi was awesome in 1987 and is still awesome AND relevant in 2011. I say wear it.

    But I am the opposite of cool, so please don’t go by me. (Follow your heart.)

  3. First of all, I should have more appropriately said “2010’s drinking in parking lots,” so we really haven’t grown out of some of these behaviors whatsoever. (IT WASN’T ME. EXCEPT IT TOTALLY WAS.)

    Second of all, I do rather agree with Gabe, shockingly, but there are levels. I always found it worse and more jarring when people would wear, like, a Scorpions shirt to a Metallica show. WTF metal guy? Confusing!

    He is the fastest YouTube clip finder in the MidAtlantic region. I wonder if there’s a contest?

  4. Oh, and the worst worst is, in my mind, the wearing of the shirt one purchased that very evening.

  5. I think if it’s vintage-y or rare enough, you can wear it. However, be aware that it might just make you look really old because your shirt will be older than three-quarters of the people at the concert.

  6. first off, you know that wearing a “slippery when wet” shirt to ANY concert turns you into a slut – right?

    second, I’ve always thought people who wear shirts of the band they are seeing were lame. This is coming from a guy who gets excited by new Doctor Who episodes and has 5 kids. I have NO STREET CRED!! Then again, I did go see Motorhead a week ago. Bought a shirt there, didn’t wear it until I washed it the next day.

  7. Gabe is wrong.

    The end.

  8. Apryl's Antics says:

    I’m not sure. I can never commit to anything, but I would probably not because I would be to afraid to be that guy.

  9. Wow, this is a dilemma. My first reaction was ‘hell yes, wear it.’ Show them how awesome you are, you loved them way back then, and you’re still a fan now and how awesome is that. But then, the band probably won’t SEE you, only the morons that think Bon Jovi is NEW are going to notice and maybe they’ll think you made that shirt and..Hmm. Maybe you shouldn’t wear it. I’m still undecided. I don’t know. I’m unhelpful.

  10. Girl, you wear the shit out of that T-shirt. It is okay if you are wearing an original concert tour T-shirt, and if the band is old school. Have you ever been to a Maiden concert? I have not, but my husband has been to several and he said it is denim, Maiden T-shirts, and bad hair as far as the eye can see.

    Now, if you BOUGHT a T-shirt at the concert, you could not wear it at the concert. That would be preposterous.

  11. Oh, and PS, if you love the band enough, be That Guy. That is who That Guy is.

  12. I wanna go. Wah.

  13. smart aleck says:

    Completely neutral reason not to wear it–someone might spill, hurl, or otherwise deface said vintage item.
    Then you would need bail money.

    Better to bring it with you, use your press pass to get backstage (you get one as a blogger, right?), get all of them to autograph it, then frame it until the kids need college tuition.

  14. sherpamama says:

    Undecided on the shirt but as an aside – you should linked to the Wanted Dead or Alive video instead – that was actually filmed in Tampa and a few of my CHS friends are in it!!

  15. Ever since this post started I’ve been thinking “PCU is going to show up any second now.”

    I have only this to say: PCU was filmed at the University of Toronto, in Hart House, a fact made very very clear to us when we showed up for Frosh Week in 1995. Its word, therefore, is law.

  16. Wear it. My BFF from high school and I are going to see them when they hit my town in May.
    I was supposed to go to see them in 87 but I stayed out past curfew and my lame parents grounded me.

    Have a blast.

  17. I’m with Gabe. However.

    Wearing that t-shirt makes you that woman who went to that show more than two decades ago. If you’re okay with that, then I say own it, work it, wear the sh*t out of it. Rock on.

  18. I totally want to go see Bon Jovi! They were like, “my” band in high school! (My friend Stacey had Van Halen, I had Bon Jovi.) The tour with Cinderella was awesome! I snuck my camera in and got my film confiscated, dammit. Anyway, that shirt is vintage, sister, (just like me! heh!) WEAR IT!!!11!!1!!1

  19. Hate to tell you, but Gabe is right on this one. Uncool. 😉

  20. I’m just impressed that you still have the shirt and it FITS! I went to Bon Jovi again like 6 months ago but hadn’t seen my old tee for about 15 years. I’m proud to say I drank in the parking lot and also purchased beverages inside. ONE perk of aging? Bring your lighter and get backstage for me. Now I’m craving peach for some reason. Miss you.

  21. As soon as I started reading this I started screaming (in my head)…Gutter is a tool! Gutter is a tool!

    And I say wear the damn shirt if it will make you happy, who cares what anyone else thinks. Besides, when they make concert videos and show the audience aren’t most of those people wearing the t-shirts of the band that they are seeing.

  22. When you say “Cinderella,” you mean the band, not the princess, right?

    Because that would change my answer.

  23. I would say wear it. As long as it’s not from the current concert tour (which, obvs, it’s not).

    (Mind you: I have not been to a “concert” in about 70 years so take that with a grain of salt.)(I’ve been to see bands in bars etc, just not a “concert”)

  24. smart aleck says:

    Thanks to lumpyheadsmom I am now picturing you and Laurie at the concert, you wearing a Disney Cinderella shirt and Laurie wearing a Belle shirt (Belle is the smart, well read one of the princesses, had to go with her), and the two of you getting brought up on stage.

  25. All you need to know about wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert…


    (And, yes, you can because it’s more than 8 years old.)

  26. I agree with Gabe as well, it’s just not cool. The vintage aspect almost changes it, but I would like to bring up this point: I went to a Bon Jovi concert a few years ago and there were a lot of teenagers there that thought “Livin’ on a Prayer” was on the new album. As in, they had never heard it before.

    So knowing that, you’ll either be super old wearing the old shirt, or super cool wearing the shirt before the album has even come out. But you’ll only be cool to idiot teenagers…

    Personally, I do like to wear a t-shirt from the same genre or completely opposite. For example, I wore a Tool shirt to see The Moody Blues, Godsmack tee to see Hall & Oats, and an APC shirt to see Tool.

    And I am super jealous you are going to see Bon Jovi. Where are they playing? Are tix still available?

  27. I have to side with your husband on this one. Wearing the shirt from the band that you’re seeing to the concert is uncharacteristically douchey.

    I cite Cake’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle to support my case. ‘Cause if there’s a band that can save the world from douchiness, it’s Cake.


  28. So, what did you wear? I don’t think I could wear any of mine. Not because they don’t fit, but because Justin is wearing them now & I don’t think he’d give them back!
    BTW- I’m on your side on this!

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