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Questions for You – All Over the Place

1) Best movie ever made? 2) Who would you switch teams for? (If you are a straight woman, what woman would you do? A gay man, what woman would you do? Straight man, what guy would you have sex with, etc.) 3) Should I cut bangs again? 4) Tell me the punchline to your favorite […]

Something is not Right With Me

I had a really amazing week. Besides getting to see a Duran Duran show, visiting with good friends in California, actually meeting John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Moby (random but true, he was at the after party) and having a really good time people kept complimenting me. This might sound like a regular thing, but […]

The Duran Duran Show (before)

I’ve been so busy spazzing out about going to see Duran Duran and buying plane tickets and being excited about seeing Erin and Aaron (and Suebob. BONUS!)  that I didn’t even realize how cool this show was really going to be. First of all, I get to sit in a VIP blogger area back stage […]

Up in the Air

There is this girl in my row on the airplane. She broke her iPod. She is going on and on about how this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She must be younger than I thought. She tells her traveling companion that really terrible things have happened to her and this […]

My Favorite Series of Words

“Mommy?” “Yes” “What is your favorite series of words? I paused. “What do you mean my favorite series of words? Like a phrase?” “No. Your favorite series of words.” I still had no idea what they were talking about, but they were both looking at me. I looked back at them blankly. “I don’t know. […]

Sing Blue Silver

If ten years ago you told me I would have to reschedule getting my floors refinished so that I could fly to Los Angeles to go to a Duran Duran concert I would have asked you to pass what you were smoking. Yet, here I am, waiting for my sandless refinishing guy to call me […]

They Call it Madness

I am running a March Madness pool over at Draft Day Suit and I have real prizes and everything so come over and fill out your brackets. It isn’t gambling if you don’t have to ante up. What are you waiting for? The tournament starts on Thursday!

He Tweets Just Like He Writes Lyrics

The Joys of Being a Pet Owner

Right this minute I have a baggie of cat shit in my purse. Next I get to wrestle two cats in to carriers and listen to them do that guttural mewl thing they do in the car for twenty minutes in traffic and then I expect I’ll probably give the veterinarian about $400. How is […]

My Lifehack

Laurie says I should start saying more positive things about myself here on the blog. I guess she wouldn’t want me to tell you that I just mistyped both the word positive and the word things. See also: mistyped. Oh, the irony! Thank you spellcheck. I know I trash talk myself a lot here, but […]

The 20th Reunion

My 20th high school reunion is this summer and I don’t think I will go. I didn’t go to my 10 year reunion for financial reasons. We had just bought our first house and the tickets were $200 and the  reunion was an hour away at the beach, even though my new house was less […]