My Lifehack

Laurie says I should start saying more positive things about myself here on the blog.

I guess she wouldn’t want me to tell you that I just mistyped both the word positive and the word things.

See also: mistyped. Oh, the irony!

Thank you spellcheck.

I know I trash talk myself a lot here, but I am always afraid that if I tell you good things it will sound like bragging and nobody wants to sit around and read about how fabulous I think I am. Self-depracation is more charming. I also have more to talk about when I tell you the stupid things I do.

But! I have come up with a brilliant plan and I figured this would be the perfect time to tell you how awesome I am.

You know how when you hard boil eggs if you don’t eat them right away you have two problems? The first one is that you can’t tell (by sight) if an egg is hard boiled or raw. The second is that hard boiled eggs stay good for a week and I can never remember how long they have been in the fridge.

I have solved all of my problems. The usual way – with a sharpie.


My Hard Boiled Egg Hack

The H is for hard boiled. The date is for the date.

Genius, right? Even Asha would be proud of me for this one.

My only advice would be to check the month before you write it down in permanent marker.

I made these yesterday.

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  1. I say be positive.

    And might I suggest a calendar? :)
    I like the trick, definitely useful!

  2. I’m a fan of self-depracation, too. I don’t understand why some people can’t share our fondness for it.

    As for the eggs, I totally take the lazy ass way out and just peel them all at once, as soon as they’re done and then store them in a resealable dish in the fridge. I make a terrible mess peeling them so if I do it all at once I don’t have to clean it up more than once. They never last long enough here to worry about the date. I swear I live with a pack of starving hyenas.

  3. And there was I thinking you had some kind of time travel device – my unashamedly European self looked at those eggs and saw 02 July 2011…
    I much prefer the time travel device thing – that really would be awesome! But, failing that, I’ll stick with the genius of your idea. It just assumes I can find some kind of pen in the kitchen…

  4. Do you not know the spin trick? Spin the egg. If it spins fast, it’s hard boiled. If it spins only a few times then stops, it’s raw. (The sloshing about of the raw innards interferes with the momentum, or something physics-y like that.)(Ew. Innards.)

    Please. Don’t thank me. I live to pass on Heloise-like tips.

  5. This is smart, simple AND useful! Don’t feel bad about the month, last week I sent a mortgage payment dated: 3/1/10 so I understand.

  6. Such lovely handwriting…

    And can you hard boil some eggs for me too please? I’ll pick them up–this month.

  7. Looooooool! Or you could put down 3011 if they’re Chinese preserved (“thousand year old”) eggs!

  8. Hahaha. The date thing is funny.

    My problem is I can never cook them right. Stoopid high altitude.

  9. Since someone else fessed up to boiled egg difficulty, I’ll confess I have never tried. Can you post instructions, so I can have eggs worthy of writing on too?

  10. “the date is for the date” is so totally making it into my daily vernacular.

  11. In my opinion, efficiency and organization somehow conspire to bite us all in the ass. This is THE perfect example.

  12. Mine always crack so I eat them anyway. I tried to make egg salad the other day but it smelled like someone farted into the tupperware container, sealed it and stuck it in my fridge. I have egg issues. Egg-sues.

  13. I’m all about self-deprecation but such encouragement is in my friend job description.

    You must hard boil a lot of eggs.

  14. LOL. But hey – how long do hardboiled eggs last, anyway?

  15. In the interest of making your life even easier, you could probably leave the ‘H’ off — unless you’re also writing the date for the date on all of the regular eggs.

    Either way, this is genius.

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