They Call it Madness

I am running a March Madness pool over at Draft Day Suit and I have real prizes and everything so come over and fill out your brackets.

My Bracket

It isn’t gambling if you don’t have to ante up.

What are you waiting for? The tournament starts on Thursday!

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  2. Hey there… I’m totally going to do this since the entry fee is right. (Saw you on the Blueberry Moms page and made sure I gave you a 10 – and not because of the whole “everyone is a 10” thing. I did it because I think you’re kinda of foxy.)

  3. wait, i can’t just copy your bracket? i have to wait til after the deadline to look at yours? damn! i’ve never done a bracket before (more of a football fan really…and alumni of washington state–no real reason to be interested in march madness usually!) so i told my husband and our friends that we should do a bracket competition (is that you call it? i don’t even know the lingo!) and i thought i’d win cuz you know stuff and i could steal your genius! i guess do what i used to do when my brother and i played mortal combat when we were little. i’ll just start smashing down on buttons and see what happens. he always used to get so pissed when i’d win! “you don’t even know the cool moves! that’s so not fair! you’re just smashing buttons!”

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