We All Love Rock N’ Roll

Claudia really wanted the Barbie I Can Be Rock Star Doll Set for her birthday. Thinking that was totally awesome, I ran right out and bought it.

I admit, however, to having an ulterior motive.

I am going to call them Cherie and Leta and make them form a band with the Joan Jett Barbie White bought me for my birthday.

She don't give a damn about her reputation.

This is going to rule.

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  1. OH MY. My daughter asked for a rockstar Barbie for her birthday and I thought it was just some made up request. I wonder how the heck she discovered THAT? Huh.

  2. baltimoregal says:

    I wish there was a Meg White Barbie!

  3. Should have gone with Jem and the Holograms…

  4. Once again all I can say is \m/ \m/

    BTW rock photographer/papparazzo Brad Elterman is sharing his late ’70s / early ’80s collection on tumblr and there are MANY, MANY Runaways pics, many of which I’d never seen. Joan was his favorite OF COURSE. Check it out at bradelterman.tumblr.com.

  5. I WANT THAT JOAN JETT!!! that is all.

  6. We watched the Runaways last night; now I don’t feel bad about the fact that my new haircut seems to include feathered bangs.

  7. My Barbies are totally coming to see your Barbies in concert when they come to town. Can I have a backstage pass?

  8. They have these little snifters of Barbie cocaine on Ebay. Look them up under WHITE LINES, GOIN’ THROUGH MY MIIIND.

  9. Um…if you’re recreating The Runaways, don’t you need a Michael Steel doll too? (I’m pretty sure she was in The Runaways before The Bangles, but I’m too lazy to Google right now, but I do know she was in another all female band prior to joining The Bangles and had said she’d never do it again but joined anyway…).

  10. Lol, so cool, I want a Courtney Love barbie please!

  11. Put another dime in the Dreamhouse Jukebox baby. (Love this.)

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