I Never Said I Was Reasonable

The other day I was telling you about the lists I make in the notepad on my phone. Today I thought I would stick with that theme and share with you two related lists. The first one is things that make me happy when they aren’t that big of a deal and the second one is things that make me unreasonably angry. Guess which list is longer?

Without further ado, behold my lists.

Things That Make Me Happier Than They Sould

1) Those little pink spoons you get when you taste a sample from Baskin Robbins.

2) The Hypnotoad

3) The five (not four, not six, not eight) claps at the beginning of the song “Bullet and a Target” by Citizen Cope.

4) The fact that Robert De Niro’s character in “Brazil” is a compulsive heating engineer.

5) Funny ring tones.

6) The line “We drink, and rhyme, and rhyme, and pillage”.

Things That Make Me Unreasonably Angry

1) The Electric Slide

2) Clear Shoes

3) The overuse of the song Don’t Stop Belevin’

4) Words that should end in an ing but instead end with an in’

5) Buttons as decoration

6) The clean version of the song “Fuck You”. Really? What is the point, that song is only worth a damn because it has the word fuck in it.

7) The St. Louis Rams

8 ) Bad cover songs

9) American Idol

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  1. I just lost a good twenty mintues of my day looking at that hyponotoad.

    …okay, maybe thirty minutes. No more than thirty five.

  2. Long time reader but I don’t normally comment… but, I just wanted to say that I saw Citizen Cope on Saturday night (AH-MAZING) and he played “Bullets and a Target”

  3. Good cover songs make me happier than they probably should. Maybe you could add that to your top list too?

  4. You forgot “Call and response” and cannibalistic Eucharistic songs on the bottom.

    “Forget You” upsets me too.

  5. Although come to think of it I’d think you of all people would appreciate a good cannibal reference.

  6. There are a couple celebrities who make me unreasonably angry. Carson Daly is one; Hillary Clinton is another. I have a visceral response to them that makes me want to rage and break things. My husband is disturbed by this but I think it’s normal. :)

  7. I still see Hypnotoad when I close my eyes…It…BURNS!!

  8. Add plurals that end with a “z” to the list of evil, and we’re in synch. Actually, In Synch upsets me, too….

  9. I hear the Hypnotoad is doing an awesome cover of the clean version of Fuck You on next season’s American Idol. He’s starting it with five hand claps and going to turn it into a ringtone.

    I’m not sure where that leaves you.

  10. smart aleck says:

    Ah, but I also heard that he will be wearing clear shoes featuring decorative buttons.
    And he may be wearing a Rams jersey as well.

    You can’t believe everything you read in the Enquirer, though.
    (unless it’s about John Edwards–they were on the money with that one)

  11. smart aleck says:

    btw, I also hate the Electric Slide. I actually told my wedding deejay to put it on my do not play list–even if it was requested.

  12. the hypnotoad holds the secret to the universe.

  13. I have youth group kids (high school) who are amazed that we old folks are familiar with “Don’t Stop Believing” — and that it was actually a hit before Glee came along. Ugh…

    Thing that annoys me: the four hand-claps during the first verse of the theme to “Friends.”

  14. Yes, not the Electric Slide song is stuck in my head. On the plus side I now know the existence of hypnotoad

  15. Yeah. I have the Hypnotoad Dashboard widget on my Mac. It makes me very happy. Here, if you don’t have it: http://www.dashboardwidgets.com/showcase/details.php?wid=616

    All glory!

  16. My ringtone is “Who Can it Be Now” by Met at Work. I think I get far more enjoyment out of it than anyone else who hears it, but I’m really okay with that.

  17. And that should have been MEN at work. Clearly my 6th grade touch-typing class did nothing for me if I don’t know where the T is.

  18. I see your Electric Slide, and raise you a macarena.

    I will also throw in the use of the term “nom nom” to indicate that someone is eating. Just typing that makes my skin crawl.


  19. The only groups allowed to do covers are Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and New Found Glory.

    Clear heals = stripper shoes. End of story.

  20. I have never done the Electric Slide. Ever. I hate it. That is not dancing! It’s like lemming jumping off the “I’m too scared to look like a fool when I dance so I instead do this stupid lemming dance.” Grr… I loathe American Idol. LOATHE.

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