Randomness Part 137

As I type this my daughter’s barbies are playing naked hockey.

* * *

Why does Amazon want me to put MY music from my hard drive into their cloud? That makes me paranoid.

Are they behind me right now?

* * *

It pisses me off when I go to the grocery store and the little card swipe machine asks me if I want to donate money to the charity of the month and then the cashier asks me if I want to give money. I go grocery shopping six times a week. If I gave $5 every time Safeway asked me for it I could not afford the food part of the shopping trip.

* * *

My crazy pre-BlogHer dreams are back.

First I dreamed that The Muskrat was my across the street neighbor then the next night I had a dream that White and I bought a house together in Ohio.

This is going to get worse before it gets better so I apologize in advance.

* * *

Want to see something really gross?

The taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine? *shudders* Two vices in one disgusting bottle! Instant diabetes!

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  1. Chocovine is as nasty as it looks. Bleh.

  2. That is truly disgusting. And the wine and chocolate looks gross too. (Admit it. If you and White ever buy a house it will be in Pittsburgh.)

  3. Oh yes. Am with you on the store thing. Is annoying. When I give money and I do…it’s never to the grocery store. I give them enough as is.

    That whatever it is grosses me out.

  4. In my defense, I did NOT buy it. I had a Chocolate and Cheese Tasting Party – someone brought a bottle thinking that would fill the “chocolate” bill. Um, NO.

  5. My mom kept trying to convince me I would like chocolate wine. I still haven’t tasted it.

  6. smart aleck says:

    I think if you bought a house together it would be beachfront.

    And the one on the left tried to throw coffee into the equation as well. Trifecta of nasty, not tasty.

  7. that wine should have a pic of Wilford Brimley on the front

  8. Chocolate beer is pretty good.

  9. That is beyond twisted. Just so you know, however, I’m a great neighbor. I throw lots of parties and have good alcohol. Sometimes, I even pick up my dog’s shit.

  10. I like the chocolate wine. /small voice

  11. Oh, no. And it comes in espresso too? So that’s really like three vices in one.

  12. I have a bottle of that stuff in my pantry from 2008. Someone gave it to my pregnant self for post-baby drinking.

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