Krokus. Yeah.

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  1. I’ve been doing this “staying at home” gig for 6 years now and honestly, LOVE IT. This is the best life (for me, anyway.) However, it still never ceases to amaze me sometimes how hard it is to reach past the Now and dig into the Then when trying to connect with other moms.

    I am still Me, dammit. I’ve just got some extra attachments clinging to my legs and my breasts are now multi-functional.

    Won’t you be my friend? No?

    Love this post!

    Sidenote: Totally mistyped “pot” instead of “post” but self-corrected!

  2. “pedestrian minutiae”


    I used to be a musician. Stories? I has them. I’m sure not as good as going on tour with Krokus in 83, but still. They’re mine.

  3. i feel the same. i posted about how i feel pulled in several directions in blogging once & i still feel that way. do i blog about my kids? a vlog of me singing? politics/social issues? sewing? there’s so much more than meets the eye to each and every one of us. i need to remember that next weekend when i meet so many people for the first time.

  4. smart aleck says:

    Of course you are more than just a grocery shopping, kids’ event attending mom blogger.

    Because you can do push ups.

    Real ones.

  5. The best thing is that it’s not really a secret. People just have to ask you.

    You need to pick something I know about so we can trade, because I know very little about Marxism or variable annuities.

  6. I have a feeling when we finally see each other in person, there will be no lack of things to talk about

  7. This post is all kinds of awesome. (And probably why I feel like my online friends know me better than most of my IRL friends… they read my backstory.

  8. I’ve read this six times and yet I can’t put my comment into words. But I love this post. Well done lady.

  9. I really like this. I feel like sometimes *I* get lost in the shuffle of being mom, co-worker, etc. It’s not that any of those titles or jobs are bad, it’s just not what defines me. They are part of what I do.

  10. Lisa Stiffler says:

    Hi Sarah —

    I’m a journalist in Seattle working on some stories for about unique or quirky traditions that families celebrate. I saw a post you did eons ago about this topic and would *love* to talk to you!

    Is there a way I can reach you? I’m at: lisastiffler (at)

    My deadline is Monday afternoon, so please reply soon if you can help.

    Many thanks for your time, and congrats on a great blog!



  11. This post hit me hard today.

    I live in a small town, it’s very hard to fit in.

    No one takes the time to respond back, to get to know me.

    They feel, they know, based on appearance..not looking like them..and based on lifestyle…we homeschool.
    Therefore: they thnk they must know me.

    Loved your post.

  12. I love this post! It’s so true. It’s what we always talk about too.

    January Jones/Betty Draper

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