Two Seven Year Olds Walk Into an Old Navy

On Wednesday, right after school, I took The Goon Squad shopping for fall.

Why do I wait until until midway through September to go back to school shopping you ask? Well, one because August and September are super busy for me, but also because this is when Old Navy has that crazy kids sale.

I was just in time too because it was 45 degrees this morning and some people grew out of their jackets from last year.

I also deftly avoided being tricked in to buying recorders. You know, recorders. The loudest, least musical instrument of them all. Before I had children I vowed I would never allow them into my home and so far, so good.

That being said I was talked into buying a fleece that was at least two sizes too large for the boy because it had skulls on it. My entire family are suckers for things with skulls on them. I’m not sure what our collective problem is, but it is pervasive. Whatever. My son can wear the fleece as winter dress. We will say he was influenced by Shannon Hoon, or that guy from Greta.

Anyway, I wrote about it over on That’s Right, You Heard Me and you can go read all about it over there, and you totally should. Especially if you want to feel better about not brushing your hair, or not brushing your child’s hair.

You should also do it to make me look good. God knows I need help doing that.

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  1. We suffer from this same affliction. Dom wore skull socks on our anniversary. He has skull shorts (Old Navy!) and Lucy ripped a skull boys sweater off the rack at Target recently because you know, we need more skulls!

  2. I only pay attention to skulls because of you. And now, clearly, I buy them. It’s really odd. I think I’ll give you the honor of locating and acquiring something skulled that is appropriate for me. It just seems right.

  3. PS I’m going to think of Ian as Skull Thug for awhile now. It’s the oversized thing.

  4. My oldest just bought a skull jacket as well. I told him it had skulls on it and he replied “That’s what makes it cool.” Sigh…

    And the recorders? Well both of my boys will be getting one this year thanks to FCPS. Oh yeah, recorders AND a violin each. Oh lord, get me some earplugs.

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