Forward Thinking

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  1. It is scary. My oldest just turned 9 and I’m terrified of what I’m going to have to educate her about in the next year or so.

  2. Bailey still believes she can’t date until she’s 32. She’s seven.

    I don’t think all kids are like that you know? Just some. Maybe the ones with older siblings?

  3. smart aleck says:

    It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to do well in school, go to college and/or grad school, and THEN be able to afford that apartment.

    Or to become President and have the taxpayers pay for their place for 4-8 years 😉

    I used to look in the real estate section of the newspaper, but just to look for dream houses like in Miracle on 34th Street (hey, if Santa was going to ask me what I wanted, I needed to know what house in the Hamptons I wanted to have!)

  4. i heard elizabeth wrote love letters to 3 other boys in the class. this girl is on top of her game! 😉

  5. Absolutely horrifying

  6. I think this is exactly why I was in an all-girls’ school when I was in the second grade, so my mother could fool herself into thinking I’d never be interested in boys.

    Of course I was soon to develop a crush on the handyman who worked around our house from time to time. He was only like 12 years older than me. I’m sure that went over well.

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