Looking Forward

I know that I haven’t been writing much here. It isn’t that I’m not trying. I have 14 half-written posts in drafts, I just can’t seem to finish anything. If I do happen to finish something it seems to boring to publish, or more likely it ends up on one of the six other sites I write for.

Do not let this alarm you. I just need to get reorganized after the holidays. December wrecks me every year. It is a new year and I’ve got things to say.

Here are some of the things I have been thinking about.

1) Last year was my “Year of Jubilee“. I am thinking this year will be my year of “Getting My House in Order” both literally and figuratively.

I am literally tearing up my house. Well, I am not doing it, I am guessing some sort of skilled construction crew will be doing the actual work, but we are redoing our kitchen, all three bathrooms and really, rearranging our entire floor plan. It is exciting and terrifying.

Figuratively, I need to clean up my internet mess. I’ve got this amazing sports site with phenomenal writers that I tend to forget about twice a year. I need to get it back up and running. I need to make Sarah and the Goon Squad a priority again and I need to keep branching out and creating fresh new content. I need to find where I left all of my funny.

2) I read somewhere that Taylor Kitsch was considered for the role of Edward in “Twilight”. I actually think Pattinson did a great job as Edward (just taking into consideration the first movie, nothing was good about “New Moon” or  “Eclipse” and I haven’t seen “Breaking Dawn” yet) but what I was thinking was that if they had cast Kitsch as Jacob it would have changed the entire dynamic.

No offense to Taylor Lautner, but if this guy was Jacob I don’t see how there could even BE a Team Edward.

I have no idea what it going on in this picture but now I kind of want to see "The Covenant".


(I’ve been watching a lot of live streaming “Friday Night Lights”. A lot.)

3) I turned 39 last month.

Most of my friends are already 40. I spent the last 10 years watching them spend their entire 39th year preparing to turn 40. It seems like such a weird thing to do, but I’ve found myself falling into that trap – I want to lose 20 pounds before I turn 40, I want to go somewhere for my 40th birthday, I should have a party for my 40th, etc. It is almost an entire year away,  yet I am almost obsessing about it. I am going to try really hard not to do this, but I make no promises.

4) I found a partially written life list in an old computer bag. My best guess is that it is between a year and a half to two years old. It had 35 items on it. Since I wrote it I have completed six of the things already. I took my kids to Disney World, I watched the movie “Amelie”, I went to the Messiah sing along at the Kennedy Center, I had dinner at “The Inn  at Little Washington”, I went to a Virginia winery and I have had one of my essays published in a book – two, actually.

I realize that most of these aren’t huge things –  anybody with Netflix and a DVD player can watch “Amelie”, but I had to orchestrate and entire weekend out of town and spend a good deal of money to eat at The Inn at Little Washington (totally worth it). I also realize that #11 –  Hold my grandchild – might take a while before it becomes a possibility. My kids are both seven and I sincerely they wait at LEAST 15 years before they even consider procreating.

I also realize that I got to sing on stage at The Kennedy Center which has been a dream of mine ever since moving to the Washington D.C. area, but I was too chicken shit to even write it down on a piece of paper.

If I can do six (or seven) things on my half-written life list in two years, what would happen if I wrote a real list? What if I wrote down 100 things and actually set out to do them?

I have been known to make fun of the life list. I have also been known to cross things off my life list that I really wanted to do because someone more famous had it on her life list and it didn’t seem cool when she did it. But maybe there is some magic to these lists. I guess it could also be the concreteness of writing something down and cross it off of a list. Looking at what is still on here it would take very little effort for me to take my kids to a live symphony or grow tomatillos or read “War and Peace”. Maybe sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we actually want to do.

Writing my life list will be part of my year of “Getting My House in Order”.

And look at that, I just wrote four posts.

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  1. Did you know that Taylor Kitsch is in the new Battleship movie? It’s loosely based on the game, but it has aliens in it (yes, aliens), but he’s a military officer and looks nice in the uniform. Might be worth renting when it comes out on disc.

  2. If you really want to grow tomatillos, talk to me in the spring. I grow them every year and always have extra seedlings.

  3. You know what I want to do? That guy.

  4. I miss you. Here, and in person too.

  5. Happy Birthday! I was going through my draft posts the other day and I found something I started about Bush when he was still in office.

  6. mmmm thanks for that yummy pic!

  7. Battleship movie?? What’s next, Tic Tac Toe movie? Hangman? Ew…

  8. Getting my house (literally & figuratively) in order is always at the top of my invisible non-existent list of resolutions. Maybe this will be my year! More importantly, Taylor Kitsch in anything has my full attention and approval. Too bad it wasn’t Twilight. He might have saved all those movies from being so godawful. Isn’t Friday Night Lights awesome? I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite series ever. (Also, I wish Coach and Tammy were my parents. Doesn’t matter that we’re, like, almost the same age…)

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