What Sucks: Part 1

You know what sucks? Realizing that your iPod is on repeat instead of shuffle after you get in the shower.

I just listened to “Fire” by The Front two and 3/4 times in a row.

I like the song, but not, you know, compulsively.

I do fell sort of lucky. I have an album called “Short Music for Short People” and all of the songs are about 30 seconds long. Can you imagine being in a bathing situation where you were stuck listening to a 30 second song like twelve times in a row? I guess that is the sort of situation where you just go ahead and track water all over your bathroom to keep from snapping.

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  1. For two and a half years I listened to one album on repeat every single work day all day long. It was 52 minutes long so I could hear it almost 11 times in a 9 hour work day. The repeat function is my fav. I don’t know why but I find repetition so soothing.

  2. My husband just said that this is why technology makes us miserable. If you’d been listening to a regular radio this would have never happened.

    Who asked him anyway?

  3. You could always get one of these http://www.amazon.com/Hipe-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Handsfree-speakerphone/dp/B005Z3GINK I have been considering it myself…

  4. Sounds like the Circle Jerks first album Group Sex. 14 songs in 15 minutes.

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