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The 4 Bs?

Setting: Claudia and I are in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and and listening to my iPod on shuffle when “I Me Mine” by The Beatles comes on. Her: This isn’t a very good song. I don’t even like classical music.

My Bus Was Never This Lucrative

Monday afternoon my second grade son got off of the bus waving around what appeared to be a piece of paper. “Mom! Jacob W. just gave me fifty bucks!” It really looked like a fifty dollar bill, but that was impossible, right? Jacob W. is in first grade. He handed it to me and there […]

It is a lightsaber and you are all perverts.

This is my neighbor’s pinewood derby car.

They’re Unstoppable

My love for the Super Bowl has been well documented. I’ve even gone on the record talking about my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Of course you remember the Mean Joe Green commercial, right? Well then, you are going to love this. Go ahead, click it, it is a sneak preview commercial.