It is a lightsaber and you are all perverts.

This is my neighbor’s pinewood derby car.

He is only six. He has never seen a vibrator. He just thinks this looks cool, but someday he is going to think that this is hilarious.

Just like the rest of us.

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  1. Wow – which would be worse? Showing this kid how and why his car looks like a vibrator on wheels or the Star Wars Holiday Special?

  2. Both at the same time would scar him for life.

  3. Very interesting. Is there an on/off switch? Does it light up? Lightsabers do, after all….

  4. OMFG. I am dying.

  5. Um.




  6. My husband says:

    “May the vibrating force be with you.”

  7. That is hilarious.

  8. Please tell me that the materials used in the creation of this vehicle include the boy’s mother’s vibrator.

  9. I’ve been seeking the appropriate place to explain that the dynamite that 3B got in his spy kit from Grammy this Christmas is made from tampons wrapped in red tape. I believe that I’ve found that place.

  10. indigo tara says:

    What exactly are they teaching the Boy Scouts these days? And what kind of badge will he earn for this one?

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