Hot in Herrre

I have this new fantasy that involves an air-conditioning repair man.

I suppose it might be a situational sort of fantasy. It is hard to tell. I might be hallucinating. It is really hot in here.

Normally when our AC dies in the middle of the summer (oh yes, this has happened to us before, in Florida) we just buy a new one, but this time is different. You see, we are remodeling 3/4 of my house in about three weeks.

Now, when I saw we are remodeling the house, I mean we are paying a contractor to pay other people to remodel our house.

We just haven’t picked the contractor yet.

The real problem is that we were planning on replacing our entire AC unit (and our furnace, and our hot water heater, and our entire kitchen) in a few weeks anyway. We just need to move a few walls before the place where it will go exists as a wall instead of the path to my washer and dryer.

When the air conditioner officially ate it two weeks ago we decided we would suck it up and wait until it was time to install the new one we were going to buy anyway instead of buying it now and then paying to move it in 15 days.

It isn’t quite as dire as it sounds, the bids are out and we expect to hire a contractor next week and hopefully they will be able to start work immediately.

It really wasn’t that big of a deal last week, but it is kind of warm now.

Good God, I grew up in Florida and I think this is ridiculous.

104 degrees!

*has heat stroke in advance*

Last week, when we were all sleeping in the basement, I told my husband You know, someday we will look back on this and remember it fondly. We’ll be all, remember that time our air went out and it was 100 degrees and we had to sleep downstairs? Awww, we were so cute back then. But then it was 99 the next day and we just went and slept at his parent’s house.

Then we left town until it cooled down.

This time leaving town isn’t really an option. I have Iron Maiden tickets.

I guess we will stick it out for another week or two. Hopefully it will at least get back down into the 80s. The irony is that I am so looking forward to the renovations so that I have air conditioning I am not even appreciating the fact that I have a working kitchen, which is where my mind should be. I’ve never redone a kitchen before but from what I understand it is very, very stressful. I’m sure I will be reporting more on that as the summer goes on.

* * *

This post was sponsored by Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast for affordable family vacations and family outdoor vacations. How tempting does the Gulf of Mexico sound to me right about now? VERY TEMPTING. The Gulf of Mexico and a nice cold glass of water. Yeah, water. Not beer, That is how hot am I am.

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  1. SueinIthaca says:

    So. About, oh, 15 months ago we bought a crumbling old Victorian house and decided to gut it and rebuild it with our own two hands. We are *just now* nearing the end game with the kitchen. It is incredibly stressful to remodel a kitchen, and I commend you for having hired someone else to do it for you. Seriously. We just now hung the cabinet doors that we so lovingly refinished over the winter months (we didn’t want the kitchen to look “too new” and also the furnace died the week we were going to buy new cabinets, soooo) and discovered all sorts of flaws. Like glaring, terrible unforgivable flaws. Like, let’s just take all those doors down and make sure to stack our pots and pans super neatly. All that work. And now, we’ll be hiring someone to come build us custom doors (the boxes are fine, and while my husband can handle the work, he’s committed himself to making custom countertops). All of which is to say: whatever your budget and timeline are? Double the budget and triple the timeline. Multiply by 10 if you plan to do any part yourself and still hold down that job that allows you to pay the mortgage.

    Air conditioning: to make you feel better about your schemes: We haven’t yet installed central air (we bought the coil with the new furnace but haven’t gotten to the outside compressor-ey bit yet – HVAC folks are hard to come by in the worst hottest summer that the earth has ever known – so we have a single window unit, strategically placed fans, and even more strategically placed insulating curtains to keep the heat in from the rest of the house. It’s like i live in a refugee camp. A posh refugee camp, but still. At least the bathroom is less than 80 degrees.

  2. Iron Maiden! So FUN. I saw them in 1988 and actually remember it. heh. Say hi to Eddie and have fun! (and stay cool 😉

  3. I live on the Gulf now, come visit. We’ll hit the beach & McGuire’s for beer. I don’t know how you go to Ocean City after this, I’m getting completely spoiled down here.

  4. smart aleck says:

    Part of surviving a kitchen renovation is knowing how to make every food possible on a grill or portable George Foreman–he doesn’t care if it’s raining outside OR if he is actually in the kitchen when you use him, and it saves on eating restaurant food too much.

    And, the temps are ridiculous for this early in the season.

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