Several Things

1. These are awesome.

Corpse Paint Fingernails!!!

They are the creation of Heather MightyLambchop and I love them so much that I honestly don’t know what to do with myself. I tried to stalk her, but it seems that she lives far away and cannot just pop by to do my nails before BlogHer.


If you think you can do this to my fingernails and are willing to do this to my fingernails (especially for BlogHer) I will forever in your debt. Or I will just pay you for your work, but definitely one of those two things.

Did I mention that MightyLambchop has an entire series of heavy metal nails? Did I mention she has an entire Bathory tag? I could go on for a while, but this is getting embarrassing. Plus, I have more things to tell you.

Thank you to the awesome Sassymonkey for showing me this website

2) My friend. Liz Rizzo, has a new Kickstarter campaign to direct her first feature film. It is a romantic comedy called “Missing Miranda”. My guess is that anything Liz does will be awesome. Check it out!

3) I haven’t written much here lately, but I have been busy over at Babble. I yelled about the Boy Scouts and their anti-gay policy, things that I could live without (only if it was absolutely necessary) and the best TV moms. Oh and over on Aiming Low I talked a bit about cursing in front of my children.

4) This.

Me and the Jamba Juice Banana Man

I went to the grand opening of the Jamba Juice in DuPont Circle. I did not get to meet Venus Williams (she was delayed) but I did get to have a picture taken with the guy dressed like a banana. So there is that.

4) Also This.

It is funny because they are standing near his butt.

More on baseball later, this picture just cracks me up.


5) I’ve got more things to tell you about. We are a week away from tearing several walls out of my house and we are probably 10 – 16 weeks away from having a shiny new kitchen and completely reconstructing our downstairs floor plan.

It was cheaper than moving.

But for now I have both suitcases and boxes to pack, and swim team practice to supervise, and secret buddy gifts to buy, and trips to Good Will and the storage facility, and laundry to do, and things to take to my storage unit and cats to drop off with the grandparents, and emissions to check quick before I get a ticket and promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

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  1. Well it’s pretty clear that the Oriole bird will NOT be welcomed by the BSA.

    Good luck with the demo and renovations, if it’s anything like what my folks did recently, you will love it and it will transform your life after making Christmas dinner using a crockpot, toaster oven and hotplate and the washing of dishes in the powder room. Oh yes, they did.

  2. I was kind of concerned about the return of the cartoon Oriole this season. Now I’m just terrified.

    See ya at BlogHer.

  3. So exciting about the new kitchen! I would like a new kitchen but that is many many years down the road in our future. Looking forward to before and after photos.

  4. I probably could do your nails like that and for blogher! If you have white nail polish I have the black with the tiny detail brush!

    When your kitchen is done, will you invite me over for tea? I’ll have Lucy tear down any other walls that might need tearing down.

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