Funny, I Don’t Feel 40

I turned forty yesterday.



It is weird. I don’t feel forty years old. I’m not even sure I feel thirty. Most of the time I feel 20, except for the fact that I suspect I am only weeks away from needing bifocals. I still think it is funny when I am allowed to be in charge of children. I pretend I am responsible and tell them not to stand on the couch and appropriate grown up speak, but honestly, I am just a kid with a car and a credit card.

I thought turning forty would bum me out more, but I am fine. I am happy. My life is good.

And I’m in my 40s.

Weird, huh?


pixel Funny, I Dont Feel 40

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  1. Korinthia says:

    Happy 40! My mom always said she never thought of herself as really aging and then is shocked when she catches sight of some old lady in a reflection and realizes it’s her. 40 is weird for about a month and then you just get used to it. (That’s a lot of trips around the sun, though. Kind of cool.)

  2. jodifur says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. daniel says:

    wait until your kids are in college. You’ll feel old then.

  4. kdiddy says:

    Happy Birthday! I never feel my age, either. I feel, at best, 12.

  5. ClumberKim says:

    I’m almost 47 and I feel about 14 most of the time. Awkwardly 14 (because how else does one do 14?). And I feel exactly the same way about being left in charge of children. My 7 year old is slightly more responsible.

  6. Stimey says:

    I know. I swear that I am still a young person, but it seems that I am not.

    Happy birthday, you fabulous forty year old!

  7. Give it time to sink in, especially to your joints and back.


    Kevin, 44.5

  8. indigo tara says:

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! I also turned 40 this week, and it has felt just fine. I kinda freaked out this week, though, when I realized my next birthday milestone would be 50. Because 50 is OLD.

  9. Vicky says:

    That’s right! Well, happy belated birthday and I cannot believe you are 40!!! 37 this year for me and I’m thinking it is the year I’ll be in the best shape of my life. I think this is an awesome point in our lives.

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