42 is a strange birthday. The man at Safeway asked me if I was old enough to buy wine and it occurred to me that was I was old enough to buy wine 21 years ago. Let that sink in for a minute.

My Favorite Drummers

Pretty much off the top of my head and for no particular reason (besides trying to get back on the posting wagon) here is a list of my 5 favorite drummers.

Does Anybody NOT Like L.L. Cool J?

Because I am suddenly old, I was watching VH1 Classic and the video for “Mama Said Knock You Out” came on. It really got me thinking. Does anybody NOT like L.L. Cool J? This is not rhetorical.  

First World Reasons I Am Hostile Today: A List

1) Somebody put dirty clothes on top of the unmatched sock basket and put it in the laundry room and then the cats peed on it. 2) My socks keep falling down in my boots. 3) Leaves in my house. 4) My daughter’s American Girl doll keeps looking at me funny every time I go […]

White Says I Have to Call this One “I Like Gold Butts and I Cannot Lie”

I was screwing around on Facebook on Friday afternoon when I saw a new status pop up. It’s not how I imagined being in Rolling Stone…. but I’ll take it!!!! I immediately clicked through. Rolling Stone! Plus Mike is one of my more interesting friends. He is a performer in Cirque du Soleil. I’m thinking […]

Kicking the Can

I finally kicked. I am proud to say that I have gone eight days without eating a Pringle. I have no idea how you just reacted to reading that sentence. You might be confused. You might think I am am idiot. If you follow me closely on Twitter you might be proud of me, having […]

Testing, Testing

I was just at Safeway and as I was walking in a guy smoking a cigarette outside asked me for a dollar for the bus. He looked rough. He was skinny and twitchy. He was clearly in need of a fix but I have had a weird week and I decided to give him a […]

And So It Begins

Ian took his first guitar lesson yesterday. You already know what song this is going to be, don’t you. Leave your best guess in the comments and then come back and watch the video.

My first 5K (before)

Remember in school when you were forced to run a mile in P.E.? That was always the worst day of the year for me. When I was in 8th grade I remember thinking seriously about taking a hammer to my own toe to get out of running the mile. This is a true story. I […]

You Heard the Man

It was one of those days where both kids were home with strep throat but the antibiotics had already begun to kick in and everybody was feeling okayish but we couldn’t really go anywhere so instead the children and I were watching a BBC Best of Doctor Who Monsters show. It was in the style […]

Sarah Test Drives a Mazda3

Disclaimer: I normally charge a bunch of money for a sponsored post here on Sarah and the Goon Squad, but you know how sometimes you are working with a company on one thing and then they call you one night to say, “Hey, we had a cancellation on one of our Mazda3 reviews, do you […]

Mowing Musings

Warning: To understand this post you might need a working knowledge of Great White’s catalog. Basically only Laurie, Tammy, Ritch and Celeste will know what the hell I am talking about. That’s right, you heard me. I haven’t written a word here in three months and now I open with this statement. I apologize. You […]