My Favorite Drummers

Pretty much off the top of my head and for no particular reason (besides trying to get back on the posting wagon) here is a list of my 5 favorite drummers.

Does Anybody NOT Like L.L. Cool J?

Because I am suddenly old, I was watching VH1 Classic and the video for “Mama Said Knock You Out” came on. It really got me thinking. Does anybody NOT like L.L. Cool J? This is not rhetorical.  

And So It Begins

Ian took his first guitar lesson yesterday. You already know what song this is going to be, don’t you. Leave your best guess in the comments and then come back and watch the video.

Mowing Musings

Warning: To understand this post you might need a working knowledge of Great White’s catalog. Basically only Laurie, Tammy, Ritch and Celeste will know what the hell I am talking about. That’s right, you heard me. I haven’t written a word here in three months and now I open with this statement. I apologize. You […]

You Are Welcome Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

What do you get when you mix my favorite Christmas Carol,  $ .89, a wizard and a metal guitar?   Little Drummer Boy – Christopher Lee Oh, hells yes. Actually, I recommend you spend the $1.78 and get the “Silent Night” too. I did. My decision was a sound one. My only regret is that […]

Not So Sure About Those Christmas Carols

I woke up with Walking in a Winter Wonderland stuck in my head. Woke up with Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Say THAT three times fast. Anyway, I woke up to this. In the meadow we can build a snowman Then pretend that he’s a circus clown. She’ll say “Are you married?” We’ll say “No, […]

How God Made Me Miss the Iron Maiden Concert

I like to walk around the house yelling “God made me miss the Iron Maiden concert!” It probably isn’t fair, or reasonable, or sane to do that, but it is fun.

Accept This

I just got a Ticketmaster alert that Kreator and Accept are coming to a theater near me. I am not sure what is more alarming, that Accept is opening for Kreator or that Ticketmaster has realized that I would care about Kreator and Accept more than, say, Glen Campbell or Jimmy Buffet who are both […]


I got this documentary on Pagan Metal from Netflix. It turns out that Pagan Metal is not what I thought it was. According to documentarian Bill Zebub, (I swear to the Pagan Metal Gods that I didn’t make that name up. It is real. See? Pagan Metal I mean. I am clever, but not that clever.) there […]

Randomness Part 138

Two People I Said “Hi” to in Public Because I Thought I Knew Them, but Really They Just Looked Familiar Because They Were Famous 1) Frank McCourt

Give and Take

I try not to ask too many things of you, but today I am asking for a favor. I have mentioned before that I sing with a choir. We aren’t a church choir or one of those a cappella groups that dresses up at Christmastime and sings in malls (Although, were I to be honest, […]

I’m With Mike

The video says it all.