Why I Don’t Homeschool Devra

got twins?

I actually have a t-shirt that says “got twins?”. It is from a fundraiser for my mothers of multiples club. I’ve been thinking about it because my blog friend Nora is due to have her twins any minute now. I am supposed to be giving her advice on children’s books for her blog shower (my […]

Live From the Mom 2.0 Summit

I am sitting at the Mom 2.0 Summit watching some guy doing a dramatic reading of one of The Blogess’ posts. I’m not kidding. But if you are on twitter at all you probably already know that. Here is what I really wanted to tell you – THE DALLAS MAVERICKS ARE STAYING IN OUR HOTEL! […]

For a Good Cause

I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but my friend Matthew is raising money for the Border View YMCA and I have donated some ad space right here on Sarah and the Goon Squad. Almost four years ago when I was first introduced to the blogging world Matthew’s was one of the first blogs […]

A Redneck Shower

My friend and blog idol Tanis (you probably know her as Redneck Mommy) brought home a bouncing baby boy yesterday. Okay, well he might not technically be a baby. He is five, but either way he was welcomed home as part of her family for the first time yesterday. Now, since Tanis has this mothering […]

My Blog Pet Peeve

There are a lot of things that piss me off. I am a fairly unreasonable human being. I’m not kidding, you can ask my husband, my mom or any poor sucker that has gotten stuck listening to me rant and rave about how much I hate Kurt Warner this week. Whatever. I am off topic […]

If You Can’t Bring the Party to Pundit Mom…

If your co-hostess can’t get to your house because, say for instance all of the bridges from Virginia into Washington D.C. are closed, there is always this option. I guess hope makes us act silly. Happy everyone and thanks to Quaker for a great party.

Real Quick

This made me laugh so hard that I cried. Literally. My children think I am insane. Go read “Star Wars Retold By Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It“. (Found this through Karen Sugarpants, who deleted her old blog but now she writes at Craftastrophe which you should be reading too.)

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins 11/16/08

I don’t know what you did last night, but I went to the Redskins game with my buddy De in DC. It was cold and the Redskins lost but we had a great time. I would tell you more but I am prohibited in doing so without the express written consent of the NFL. And […]

These Germs Are Making Me a Bad Friend

I caught that stupid cold that is going around. I should be on my way to a baby shower for my friend Vicky but instead I am sitting in front of my computer with a box of tissues because my nose won’t stop running. Normally a cold wouldn’t stop me from going to a party […]

The World Just Keeps Getting Smaller

I wrote a post yesterday about how my son wants to play for the Washington Redskins. As a long time Buccaneer fan this comment spoke to me: August 6th, 2008 at 10:01 pm, suzhasbighair Says: i’ve been a buc fan since they wore those horrendous orange colors! we’ll always make room for you down here […]

Blog The Recession (All the Cool Kids are Doin’ It)

You know how I cave to peer pressure. Well, the brilliant Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored has come up with a brilliant plan: The premise is simple. If you read blogs, then for the month of August, make the “pledge” to click through from your feed reader. No obligation to leave a hilarious comment or send […]