Really? I’m Not Seeing the Connection

In my never ending quest to win things from search engines I came across this: As far as I can remember, Lil Wayne and I have never met and I’m fairly certain we are not related. I’ve never even heard of Bumpy Johnson, but it sure makes me laugh. Yes, I’m still a 12 year […]

Laws and Sausage

Making Sausage Originally uploaded by Sarah606 “There are two things in the world you never want to let people see how you make ’em: laws and sausages.” – Leo McGarry: The West Wing (Kemp, you read my mind when you said that on Twitter. ____ Sausage anyone? I’m not kidding. We’ve got a ton left. […]

That’s What They Say Every Single [redacted] Day

I was at the library this morning and I saw a guy that looked just like Dr. Dre. I had to fight every urge in my body to not go up to him and ask “Is it Dre? Is it Dre?”

Ian Just Farted

Ian Just Farted Originally uploaded by Sarah606 …and that is why Mike and Zoe are laughing so hard.

When My Sense of Humor Overrides My Mothering Skills

Claudia: Mommy, do you want to see what is under my pajamas? Me: Are you hitting on me? Claudia: *blank stare* ___ In case you were wondering it was Tinkerbell underwear.

Pork Bung – As Advertised!

You should have seen the guys face who was watching me take this picture with my iPhone. Oh, how I adore the H-Mart.

Caption Contest: A Horse on the Toilet?

I walked into the kids bathroom today and I thought What the hell ? And then I thought Hey, this is just a caption contest waiting to happen. So have at it. Awesome photo removed when photrade suddenly went out of business. Jerks.

The Oldest Joke in the World*

As you may remember (from such posts as the last one) Ian keeps randomly taking off his pants. Well, maybe not so much randomly as constantly. He runs up to me this morning “Look at me Mommy! I’m naked! I’m crazy!” And I say “Yes, I can see your** nuts.” I kill myself. _____ *You […]

Looks Like You Blew a Seal*

Yesterday I was standing in the checkout lane at the grocery store. I was browsing the magazines on display. I did a double take. Heidi Klum wants me to do what? Heidi Klum wants me to have sex in an igloo. I think Heidi Klum is beautiful and great and I love “Project Runway”. However: […]

More About Peeing on Stuff

Your comments slayed me yesterday. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time my comment section made me laugh so hard. So I vote we talk about pee again today. And I have the only vote that actually counts. Suckers. So just for you I have more peeing stories. Behold! 1) When my […]

A Post About Sleep Quickly Degenerates Into Another Essay About Urine

I don’t know what is going on. Maybe it is the weather, maybe I am getting sick, or maybe I’ve been drinking too much red wine but I have been sleeping unusually soundly. For the past week or so I have been waking up with at least one limb totally asleep. It is as if […]

Name Calling

How am I supposed to keep a straight face when Claudia keeps calling Ian a Dammit Boy?