People Are Strange

I rarely look at this kind of thing anymore but I was looking at keyword searches and I realized somebody had run across my humble site by searching “Sid Vicious fan fiction”. I’ll give you a moment to process that. So yeah, I thought I would look around and see what else was going on. […]

Randomness Part 131

Did you know that Meat Loaf is Scott Ian’s father-in-law? True story. Scott Ian from Anthrax is married to Pearl Aday, Meat Loaf’s daughter. In related news, I can’t find a picture of these two together anywhere. How is it even possible that there aren’t any of Scott Ian’s wedding picture on the internet? Maybe […]

Really? I’m Not Seeing the Connection

In my never ending quest to win things from search engines I came across this: As far as I can remember, Lil Wayne and I have never met and I’m fairly certain we are not related. I’ve never even heard of Bumpy Johnson, but it sure makes me laugh. Yes, I’m still a 12 year […]

Bob Dole was the Doliest Bob (and other searches)

You know when I title a post “Bob Dole was the Doliest Bob” it must be time for the search term of the week! after i get my adenoids out should i get my tounge pierced Sure. Right after you explain to me what one has to do with the other. benadryl for birds Come […]

Brad Pitt + Hairy Crotch = Search Term of the Week

No, seriously. Someone actually searched Brad Pitt + Hairy Crotch which puts a very specific picture in my mind and it isn’t the pleasant picture you would think would be. Since I know you all wait breathlessly by your Google Reader to see how the perverts, weirdos and misguided searchers ended up reading about my […]

Beep Beep Beep Moonlight Sonata and The Search Term of the Week

It is time for another episode of: Strange Search Terms that Bring People to My Blog Such as: beep beep beep Moonlight Sonata butt emoticon body acne pictures perfect pelvis “pooped in her” – I don’t even want to know if they meant that or not. And with questions, like: Who sang with Milli Vanilli […]

More Ways to Search and Win

Besides being obsessed with search terms that bring people here, I also have a slight addiction to search engines where I can win stuff. Here is the new one I found yesterday: I don’t know why I love this stuff so much, but I do. Maybe it is because I won my iPod on Blingo, […]

Search Terms of The Week

Hey, let’s stop talking about how sick I am. Let us instead talk about the whack job searches that have brought people to my little site: Search Term That Freaked Me the F Out: my pet snake isn’t eating and sleeping beside me – Is anyone else getting hundreds of hits a month by people […]

Randomness Part 102

My favorite search term from this week: soda can in my ass. Runner Up: I have to poop McCain. 2nd runner up: Phantom pussy 3rd runner up:can tucky fried chicken. ____ My favorite search question of the week: What kind of jeans do hipsters wear? ____ A conversation that made me scratch my head: (Claudia […]

Best Search Term of the Week

The search term that lead someone to my blog that made me laugh the hardest this week, hands down, is the following: South Florida Bulls Cornhole. I know. I know. If there was one little apostrophe I might never stop laughing. Yes, I know they meant this with the USF Bulls logo on it, but […]

We Have a Winner!

It must be the weekend. I can tell because on Friday nights my hits for midget hermaphrodite porn and Laurie Berkners boobs go through the roof. My favorite search term from this weekend so far? So I said, “that is my foot”. Speaking of hits and search terms and whatnot. I bet you are wondering […]

Closing in on It: Contest Update #3

I will tally the hits for my ongoing contest on December 1st. (I don’t feel guilty about it since I finally sent out the prize from my last contest). For those of you that are new to the place, I am having a contest to see who could come up with the term that would […]