42 is a strange birthday. The man at Safeway asked me if I was old enough to buy wine and it occurred to me that was I was old enough to buy wine 21 years ago. Let that sink in for a minute.

Funny, I Don’t Feel 40

I turned forty yesterday. 40. FORTY. It is weird. I don’t feel forty years old. I’m not even sure I feel thirty. Most of the time I feel 20, except for the fact that I suspect I am only weeks away from needing bifocals. I still think it is funny when I am allowed to […]

The 4 Bs?

Setting: Claudia and I are in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and and listening to my iPod on shuffle when “I Me Mine” by The Beatles comes on. Her: This isn’t a very good song. I don’t even like classical music.

Grass is Probably Symbolic of Something Too

My husband bought me a new lawn mower today and somehow this made me happy. It is shiny and red and I am thinking of buying flame stickers for it. My neighbor in kindergarten will be so jealous. * * * When I was 18 years old and a freshman in college I called one […]

They Should Also Get Off of My Lawn

I am not going to call her out by name, but I was having a conversation with a person who I am close to that just so happens to be about 10 years younger than I am. I was asking if she thought I should wear pantyhose under my floor length bridesmaid dress. She said […]

My New Facebook Friend, Chs Ninetyone

I just got a facebook friend request from Chs Ninetyone. What kind of name is Chs? I thought? Was Chris typing really fast? Then I said his last name out loud. “Ninety One.” Like Nineteen Ninety-One. The year I graduated from high school. Oh. Not Chs. C.H.S. Holy crap. They must be preparing for my […]

Generation Gap

Ian was in the shower and spiking up his hair. I said “Are you making liberty spikes?” He said “What is a liberty spike?” I explained to him what a liberty spikes were and what a mohawk was. “You know your Dad used to have a mohawk. A purple one.” “No he didn’t. He had […]

White Belt

You will never guess what I did. I signed up for Tae Kwon Do. Well, I was tricked into signing up for Tae Kwon Do. Let me back up a little bit. My five year old son has been dying to take Tae Kwon Do ever since he found out that his best friend at […]

There is Nothing Metal About Crying

Yesterday I told Twitter that Claudia loved grindcore. I wasn’t just making it up either. We were making her a Pandora playlist. She wanted to thumbs up Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth. When I told Gabe this story he said that those bands weren’t grindcore, maybe death core or black metal, but not grindcore. […]

The Key to Looking Younger

Twice this week people have told me how young I look. First was my new stylist. She asked me if I was in school. I looked at her like she had ten heads and I am pretty sure I said :No, I am a grown-up, but thank you for saying that.” Then today the guy […]

On The Upside, I Can Legally Buy Beer Now

Do you ever have those moments when you are suddenly sucked back in time and you simply cannot believe that you are a grown up? I was on a field trip today with The Goon Squad. We were at the zoo and we were looking at the big cats when I walked by a teenager […]

On 36

I am going to be 36 years old in December. It doesn’t really bother me too much. I feel like I am in a very good place for my age. I have two children, a wonderful husband, a nice house, several jobs that I enjoy and good friends. Things are going well for me. Here […]