Can anybody read the bottom line on the eye doctor’s little chart or is it just some sort of hilarious inside joke for Ophthalmologists?

Close but No Cigar

We TiVO 120 Minutes on VH-1 Classic. (1. Shut up. You’re not cool either. You know you have embarrassing season passes on your DVR too and 2) VH1 Classic, ugh. I’m so old.) The first couple episodes of 120 Minutes we watched were all about Morrissey and Siouxsie & the Banshees and a lot of […]


I was at Safeway yesterday and I remembered that I needed shampoo. I don’t normally buy hair products at the grocery store but this was kind of an emergency. I had been using baby shampoo because that is all that was left in the shower. So I was browsing in the shampoo aisle when I […]

Right Off!

I was just in the kitchen getting dinner started (No really, I was cooking. Ahead of time and everything. Shut up. It could happen.) and the kids were screwing around in the kitchen trying to get in my way playing nicely as I was chopping vegetables. Ian (who is mainly concerned with safety near hot […]

A Blast From My Past

Claudia went with a throwback style: Sometimes I am glad my mother never throws anything away. Claudia has been taking the lunchbox that my brother had in kindergarten to pre-school. She is a huge hit with all of the adults.

Generation Gap

My children will never know what it was like to live in America before 9/11. They have always had TiVo. The lowest tech video game system they have ever seen is PlayStation 2. As far as they know you have always been able to say the word shit on television. I don’t think they even […]

It is a completely reasonable segue in my mind.

In The United States today is Election Day. Obviously (if you are me anyway) I have had that Arcadia song stuck in my head all day. This is the part of the post where you are going to have to pay attention in order to follow my train of thought. In 1985 Simon LeBon, Nick […]

I Don’t Think this Counts as T.M.I.

If I am telling you too much, I apologize in advance. I just don’t know who else to tell when my gynecologist tell me that I have a perfect pelvis. A perfect pelvis? I had no idea. I was very flattered. Of course, she had to go and wreck everything by telling me that I […]

Why I Felt Old Today

I felt old today because the ambient music in the grocery store was “Blitzkrieg Bop”. Not even muzak or anything, just The Ramones. Uncensored. How un-punk is that?