Screech Was There Too

It is well documented that I love my TiVo but there was a problem with it this morning. You know how if you are watching something you have recorded and then you just walk away for a while the channel that the last thing you recorded pops on? That just happened to me. We were […]

Perhaps I Let Him Watch Too Much Television

The kids and I were driving to the grocery store the other day. Because seriously, that is pretty much all we do, but that really isn’t part of this story. As we were passing the bus stop we saw one of the teachers from their preschool. “Hey look guys!” I said “It is Mr. R.” […]

Randomness Part 122

Awwww. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both got nominated for a Golden Globe this year. How sweet. Maybe they should celebrate by having another child. Seriously. I could not be more sick of these two. I used to love Brad Pitt. He is in several of my favorite movies. Now I just want to not […]

UCF, UFC, Either Way There Will Be Some Bad Sportmanship

I’m not really surprised that I accidentally turned on a UFC event while looking for the UCF game on television. I mean – the tv is all the way across the room and even with my contacts in my vision isn’t all that great. What does surprise me is that I did it more than […]

The One Where Sarah Holds Them in for an Extra Week

I may or may not have told you this story before but for some reason I feel like telling it. (If you already know this story feel free to skip this post.) I went into labor at the 28 week mark of my pregnancy. It wasn’t hard labor but the contractions were causing my cervix […]

Today on Today

How great is it to turn on The Today Show* and see your friends on there? Kristen, Jill, Mir and Heather all did great jobs. I enjoyed the segment even if Kathie Lee Gifford is pretty much a tool and obviously hasn’t spent much time reading blogs. Did she actually say she was afraid of […]

Call Me Clueless

Does anyone have any idea why a three year old boy would want to watch “Extreme Dating” on Fox Reality Network? Or why he cried when I tried to change the channel? Or why such a show exists?

Just Sayin’

I’m not really a violent person but I would love to beat the crap out of Caillou. Full apologies to PBS Kids and Sprout (and especially my friend Jeannine) whom without this blog would not be possible. Not that they give me any money or anything. I just get most of my writing done while […]

Why I Didn’t Watch the Super Bowl

I don’t do this a lot, but I wanted to cross post my piece from BlogHer this morning. It explains in greater detail why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year. Fear not. I have it on my DVR and I plan on watching the third and fourth quarters sometime this weekend. ___ I […]

Just ONE of the Reasons 3 Year Olds Probably Shouldn’t Watch Futurama

The bedtime ritual in the House of Goon Squad involves bathing, the brushing of teeth, the putting on of pajamas and then watching a TiVoed episode of “Futurama“. It is fun for the whole family. All four of us like this show. Most of the time, even though the humor might be a little bit […]

Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?

You know that show Heroes? Okay, well don’t say anything about any plot points because I am way behind, but we are currently Netflixing (It’s a word if I say it is) season one and I have a question for all of you. Is it just me, or does that show make you feel really […]

Sometimes I am Such a Girl

I have a lot of traditionally masculine interests. I love football. I love beer. I used to be in a garage band. I have a lot of guy friends. I (along with Kemp) started a sports blog. In fact, as I type this I am watching “Inside the NFL” which I TiVo every week. Keeping […]