Flying and Crying

There is a guy in the row in front of me and two seats over and his headphones are so loud that I can tell he is listening to Shakira. Sure, I question his taste, but the real mystery is how on earth can he be asleep when I can’t relax because his music is […]

Up in the Air

There is this girl in my row on the airplane. She broke her iPod. She is going on and on about how this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She must be younger than I thought. She tells her traveling companion that really terrible things have happened to her and this […]

Not Quite Snakes on a Plane

I knew I was going to be flying on an airline with no internet connection so I thought I’d take a DVD with me to watch on the plane. Everything I had from Netflix was either something that Gabe and I both wanted to watch or iCarly, so those were out of the question. Then […]