Several Things

1. These are awesome.

Words Yes, Title No

There is a long story behind this, but the short version is that the tv that lives in front of my elliptical machine is not hooked up and my kids are on summer vacation so there was a mandatory dance party this afternoon. This is how I happened to see a person Irish dancing a […]

Just When I Thought I Was Out

I’ve been trying to quit Tae Kwon Do for about a month now. I signed up for Tae Kwon Do back in December. I was taking with my kids and it was fun… ish, but then it turned out that even though I was in a class with my kids we were learning different things. […]

2009: That Went Fast

What is the appropriate way to end 2009? I know this was a shitty year for a lot of you out there and I don’t mean to gloat, but I had so much fun this year. This is in no way comprehensive but it is what it is. January February Life Should Not Imitate “Trainspotting” […]

That’s My Boy!

The Goon Squad has this thing at their school that is called “Star of the Week”. Each kindergartner gets a turn and when it is their week they make a poster of the things that they like and it gets hung on the wall all week and at some point the child gets to tell […]


Today my babies got on this bus and went off to kindergarten. They never even looked back. I didn’t cry, but there is still time.

What Day is It?

That’s right. You heard her. Death Metal Wednesday. You heard it here first.

Goon Squad Will Make You Jump, Jump

Every day my children get dressed. Every day they put their pants on backwards and their shoes on the wrong feet. On purpose. About 50% of the time they will also put their shirts on backwards. Is this some sort of preschool trend I know nothing about? Is Kris Kross making a comeback?

There Are Different Kinds of Smart

Last night we sat down to dinner, it was my husband, his parents, The Goon Squad and me. Or is it myself? Or I? If I had known I would be writing for a living I would have paid more attention in English class. Ian was in mood and he was speculating on how long […]

The Problem with Working From Home

The Problem with Working From Home Originally uploaded by Sarah606 It is like “Stomp” at my house. All. Day. Long. _____ (Um, hello side justification. I wonder how that happened?) _____ Please ignore my voice. I usually sound much less nasal. It must be a side effect of the raging headache.

Thank You They Might Be Giants

“Hey Mom, can we go play under that conifer?” C is for conifer, my kind of tree. Thank You They Might Be Giants Originally uploaded by Sarah606 Posted from my iPhone.

Not THAT Sarah

If you are here looking for information on Sarah Palin’s goon squad, sadly you are in the wrong place but I really appreciate your stopping by. I know, I used to be one of two Sarahs that had a goon squad – the other one has a lot of pictures on the internet and she […]