“O” Stands For Awesome

Today is report card day, and being the parent of two six year olds we have our first official report cards. When Ian got off of the bus he informed me that he got a bunch of Gs and Os and that G stood for good and O stood for awesome. I told him that […]

There Are Different Kinds of Smart

Last night we sat down to dinner, it was my husband, his parents, The Goon Squad and me. Or is it myself? Or I? If I had known I would be writing for a living I would have paid more attention in English class. Ian was in mood and he was speculating on how long […]

The Marketing is Working

Mommy Mommy! I saw something on tv that I want to do. Go on Sprout online dot com. It said to grab your Mom OR Dad. _______ I’ve had that line sitting in my drafts folder for about six weeks now. Ian is the biggest sucker in the world for commercials. At first I thought […]