Questions for You: Just Because

Honestly I still don’t have anything to say. Shocking, I know. My mother will never believe this. Since I am at least 60% brain dead I will turn the floor over to you, my faithful readers. Tell me: 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year? 2) What is your […]

Enough About Me: Questions for You

1) What is a really good fall recipe? 2) What is your favorite sports team? 3) What should I read next? 4) How do I get my kids to eat fish?

Questions for You

1) What  is your favorite kind of beer? 2) Who do you think is going to win this Presidential Election? 2b) Who are you going to vote for? 3) When you were little, what did you wish your first name was? 4) Do you watch “Top Design”? 5) What song did you dance to at […]

Questions for You, Questions for Me

I’ve been in a writing slump lately. I’m not sure why attending blogging events does that to me but it seems to happen every time. So I was going through my drafts folder and I found a half of a mailbag post. As is it isn’t worth posting but I would be happy to add […]