They’re Unstoppable

My love for the Super Bowl has been well documented. I’ve even gone on the record talking about my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Of course you remember the Mean Joe Green commercial, right? Well then, you are going to love this. Go ahead, click it, it is a sneak preview commercial.

Questions for You: Just Because

Honestly I still don’t have anything to say. Shocking, I know. My mother will never believe this. Since I am at least 60% brain dead I will turn the floor over to you, my faithful readers. Tell me: 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year? 2) What is your […]

Questions for You: 2008 Edition

I briefly considered asking you 2008 questions but since that is completely insane I will limit myself to eight. You shouldn’t feel pressured to answer all of these but please try to answer at least one of them. ___ 1) What was the best movie you saw in 2008? 2) What was the worst movie […]