The Lies Parents Tell

Growing up I rarely lied to my parents. Sure, every once in a while I would say I was going to the movies and instead I would be drinking beer at a bonfire on The Causeway and sometimes I skipped class and failed to mention it, but I usually just told them things they didn’t […]

Foreshadowing (The Redemption of the Tooth Fairy)

Last night we were at my in-laws house eating dinner and we were discussing Claudia’s impending visit from the tooth fairy. As you can see here Claudia’s tooth was very loose. It came up that recently Devra’s younger son lost a tooth and then he really lost it. He eventually found it so it was […]

Questions For You: Quick! Before My Kids Learn How to Read

We haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have one very important question and some other questions of no importance whatsoever. 1. How much does your tooth fairy pay for a tooth?* 2. If I admit to my kids that there is no tooth fairy does that automatically give up Santa Claus […]