I Voted

I voted today. I vote in almost every election and I am proud and honored to do so. I love being a part of the political process. But mostly I am just pleased that I will stop getting phone calls from recorded messages five times a day. Those really piss me off – especially when […]

I’m Going to Vote, but I am Still Mad at You

Dear Everybody Running for Everything, At this point the best way to earn my vote is to promise to propose legislation to make all those damn automated phone calls telling me who I should vote for illegal. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah ps – Stop calling my house after 8:30 […]

Please Don’t Vote

I know everybody is saying that you should go vote tomorrow but I don’t want you to. Here are three reasons. 1) If you don’t vote, my vote counts more. 2) If you don’t vote I won’t have to stand in line all day long. This is especially important if you live in my neighborhood. […]

I Tried

On Monday I went to do my duty as an American. I was going to vote early. But alas, the place was packed. They said there was an hour and a half wait. And I had the twins with me. And they needed a nap. It looks like I’ll be taking them to vote again […]

I Voted, My Kids Owe Me $100, and Closure

I took the kids with me to vote this morning. (See crappy cell phone picture. Our regular camera is broken). As we were trying to leave the house Ian kept saying that something was going to “get him”. In my super tactful fashion I said “Let’s go! If anything is going to get you it […]